Q: Do IOS users use Apple Maps Or Google?

That’s it really. Just researching.

Why am I asking?

Here’s the thing: I want to put a link on a site, it’s to a location on a map. I want the link to open the native map app. Now, if everyone uses Google maps, it’s really easy to do: Just a Google URL, but if some weirdos out there prefer to use the native Apple Map app, then things get more challenging.

So, before I attempt to solve this problem, the first thing to find out is do people who use IOS use Google or Apple maps?

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Always got for the built in and do not assume people have downloaded google maps… If people want to use google, they just copy the address and paste it. If they do not have Google Maps, they get frustrated if a map is not shown?!

If people use carplay and driving directions, then google maps will simply not work…


Totally agree.

@steveb Just use a Google Map URL and leave it at that.

Many iOS users (like me) don’t even have Google maps installed on their devices.

You should never assume anything about end users.

That’s like designing a site for Safari or Chrome only.

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Google Maps all the way. I still remember how terrible Apple Maps was and never went back. I also know loads of people who use Wayz…8-)

I have Google Maps on my iPhone XR AND use Apple Car Play in my car. Google Maps DOES work with Car Play. I use it all the time in preference to the Audi/VW systems navigation. The big plus for me is the more accurate and up to the minute traffic flow information.

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I didn’t think the question is what your favorite map app is.

The OP question is, does everybody use Google Maps.

The answer is NO. It has to be downloaded from the app store. There are a lot of people who may not even know about the app. I know when Apple Maps came out (2012) it wasn’t very good, and Apple got a lot of heat for dropping Google Maps (If you remember it wasn’t even available to download).

But it works okay now, and for many users(referred to as “weirdos”), it does what they need it to. I had both for quite some time, but when I did some house cleaning I deleted Google. But I don’t use any map app very much as I go to the same places most of the time.

A more important question is what does the native link do if you don’t have Google Maps installed?
Not knowing the link you are using.

This link from Walmart:

<a tabindex="0" class="store-directions-icon-link store-icon-link pull-left" href="https://www.google.com/maps/dir/?api=1&amp;destination=1825%20W%20Bell%20Rd%20Phoenix%20AZ" target="_blank" data-target="2.31" aria-label="2.31 miles away, directions"><i class="elc-icon elc-icon-direction"></i><span class="store-icon-link-text"><!-- react-text: 85 -->2.31<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 86 --> mi<!-- /react-text --></span></a>

Will open The google maps app if it’s installed, but if not will open google maps in a new browser window.

Now I just tested this with and without Google Maps installed on my IPad. With Google Maps it launches the app. without it openswww.google.com/maps with the address.

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Thanks - sorry. My info was outdated then.

I use the Agent stack for this. If it’s an Apple device (iOS or desktop), I present the user with an option, Google or Apple. If it’s an Android device, it just offers Google.

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And what about Windows tablets, or kindle fires, or any notebook(desktop).

And folks on iOS can have neither Apple Maps or google Maps. You can (since iOS 12) delete the built in Apple apps including Maps.

Probably most of your customers have google maps and or Apple Maps, but my guess is some of them don’t.

My guess is that the best practice is to never assume a customer has any app installed on whatever device they might be using.

Absolutely. Just use a URL to a Google Maps coordinate and let their browser system, what ever it is, deal with it.

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It’s academic now. Sadly the company I need it for has just pulled down the shutters.

Thanks for the replies.


iOS users always have an option. Non-Apple users get it in the default browser. Here in the US, that works for pretty much everyone. For a local business, to which people need to drive, the approach removes the most amount of friction.

I now refuse to use all Google Products and Apple Maps are very limited for rural areas - I find that a better solution for maps on all platforms are the open source Openstreetmaps and what better way to utilise those maps than the brilliant @Jannis stack: https://instacks.com/osmstack/

Amazing detail, ability to add your own points and markers, my customers have been delighted…


Yes I also use Openstreetmaps, but I have learned a little in this discussion :-)

Not a single Google app on my devices, going to the webpage is enough when you need to.