Q: Searching for themes with fixed navigation

Hi guys,

I am searching for themes (or stacks), which have the option of a fixed navigation.

I know Foundation Top Bar, Foundry Nav. Bar, @yuzoolthemes Navigation Stack.

Do you know of other themes providing a fixed navigation? @willwood some of yours?

Thanks for your answers :-)

Cheers, Jannis

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Chroma can make anything sticky


Off the top of my head, my themes with a fixed navigation bar:

The Gator stack can be ‘fixed’ to either the top or bottom of a webpage too. The option is provided within the Positioning menu, in Gator Navigation Bar Settings.

However I admit to not being a huge fan of fixed navigation bars. They can break the normal tab / content flow, consume extra screen ‘real estate’ and make scrolling more jerky in older or under-powered web browsers. So you might find many other themes like Boutique, RWSkinz, Volcano and Wilderness provide the option of a fixed navigation bar, but it may not be enabled in the theme settings by default.

Slightly off-topic; I very much like this method of making navigation bars ‘sticky’ with pure CSS: