Question about Chroma

If you stick a regular menu system inside Chroma you get all sorts of lovely options to do funky things with it, one being to hide the logo, reduce it’s size and so on. I’m wondering how Chroma targets the logo across all the different menus out there, do all the logos share the same class? If so, is it possible to attach this class to other elements and have them behave the same?

Where am I going? I’ve been making my own menus this weekend as I’m fed up with the stock ones. In many cases I’m using a regular image stack for the logo. I’d like to be able (if poss) to apply the same features to these images that Chroma can apply to the menu logos. Possible?

Next, more or less the same thing, but sometimes if I’m not using a logo but a text for the company name in the menu typically I’ve been using Header Pro. But, when you tell Chroma to change text colour it can’t apply the change to Header Pro. Possible?


Yes, all possible.
Logo classes: use the new MenuLab classes so then it will be future proof like my website does.
HPro, probably best to use the custom selectors in Chroma to do this.
I will DM you the appropriate selectors for both.

Cheers. No rush. I’m pissed and now on a session so nothing happening today, or mostly likely tomorrow either.

I’ve fallen off the wagon in a quite spectacular fashion.