Question About Gallery3 And iCloud Albums

I’ve just for the first time created a shared album on iCloud and connected Gallery 3 to it. I created the gallery using Apple Photos on a Mac. I’ve now got a couple of questions.

  1. Thumbnails.

I didn’t create any thumbnails, nor as far as I can see did iCloud. If I inspect the gallery that is now on a website thanks to Gallery 3 it appears that each image in the album now has one. For example “imageX” which has a thumbnail of 257 x 342 px and a full size image 1537 x 2049 px. The actual image on ICloud is 3024 × 4032.

Did G3 create these smaller versions or iCloud?

Either way, this is a rather brilliant way to quickly create online galleries and embed into a website. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this option sooner!

iCloud created these thumbnails.

Good this stack still has some options you did not tried before ;)


I missed this - how to connect a shared gallery @SteveB

Questo è il risultato delle foto condivise di iCloud: Foto Golosità di Lipari Daniela


Thank you @Gianluca for your kind reply - and thank you @Jannis for adding such a useful function. Shame on me for not having added new galleries and noticing. What a brilliant idea!