Question about Multi Player stack


I downloaded the demo of the Multi Player stack and put it into a new page. I added my video to that page using the stack but when I go to Preview it tells me that the video is unavailable. I’ve tried doing everything I can think of on my youtube channel to make the video available. My last thought was that maybe I had to actually publish the page to get it to work. I’m using the correct video id but the link I have from youtube does not have the “v=” part that is shown in the stack info. Hope you can help, Will.


Please provide more info.


@willwood, I am trying to put a video (an mp4 file that I uploaded to youtube) on the home page of a website. I downloaded your demo version of the Multi Player stack and created a new project with a stacks page to test it out. The id for my video is and I used just the “w5BIXVDv4Ts” part for the id. I’ve attached a screen shot of the preview page. When I go to Preview from edit, I get a flash of the title of the video and then the black box. I don’t know why there is another black box above. I’m beginning to think that this is a youtube issue and not a stacks issue but thought it would be good to ask.


When I follow that link, the video does not exist. It has either been marked as ‘private’ or deleted permanently by the owner.

This is its full link:

Regretfully we have no way of being able to play deleted or blocked video content with Multi Player.


@willwood I hope this hasn’t wasted your time. It obviously is a problem with youtube. I made a new youtube channel and when I uploaded the video it told me that the link was and I did everything I could to make the video public. I will go back to youtube and reinvestigate.

Thanks for your time.


@willwood and anyone else interested. Problem solved. It was human error as I inadvertently uploaded the same video to two different youtube accounts so the same video had 2 different id’s. Once I deleted both videos and re-loaded to only one account, all is fine. As expected, nothing is wrong with your Multi Player stack, Will.

Thanks again for your input.