Question about Stream theme and double horizontal nav menu

@willwood HI Will, I have used several of your themes and especially like the Stream theme because of the double horizontal navigation menu. I went to this page because I wanted to see if you had any tutorials on Stream and did not find Stream listed. Have you done away with this theme? Do any of your other themes have the double horizontal navigation menu? I have Flood and Ocean also but they don’t have it.

Thank you!

Try this page:

Not sure why it’s not on the page you posted above.

If you put the name in the address bar or search engine, you can still get to it here:

It is still available to buy if you really need it, but is not currently developed or updated. It sold in too fewer numbers to warrant receiving further updates. That is why its been delisted from the homepage.

@willwood, @Teefers. Thank you for the info. Sorry it wasn’t a good seller but I sure like it.