Question about TCMS

I’m not on Beavers Space so can’t ask this there, and I know there are loads of users here…

Does TCMS offer “on the page” editing?

By that I mean, can a user look at their webpage, log in to TCMS, then actually edit content right there on the page? Or, like most of the RW CMS solutions, do they need to go to the dashboard, locate the bit of content they want to edit, then make the edits?


Yeah, it’s loaded in a dashboard. Though, I suppose you could make the edit page look mostly identical to the published page. But that’s a workaround

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No, it’s not designed to work that way.

1LD has a stack like that:

Register that TLD now!!! Some of your best work.


Typo or intentional?

You decide ;-)

@Konfuzzious I use that a lot, it’s very good, but for this project i need something different.

Joe has TCMS in the Black Friday sale, so I’m finally going to dip my toe. Just need to clear a couple of Q’s up with him.

Most unfortunately, it is not available.

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How odd, it’s links to a mexican food shop.

I’ve had my fun with weaver based domains. Yet to be picked up on ;-)

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I have used EditsPro from Kuler Solutions who unfortunately don’t seem to be operating anymore.

However, EditsPro is a superb simple CMS with an elegant onscreen editor. I never had any issues with it, and it was so simple to use and quick to use. Not sure is GoCMS is still going but that too had an onscreen editor but did depend on access to a server behind the scenes and there were reports of the CMS not working when that server was unavailable. I haven’t really looked in detail at the 1Ld one mentioned above, but that certainly looks interesting.

I have plenty of live page editing options. For a while now I’ve been using 1ld Quick Editor. The first version missed the mark for me personally, but after an update it’s been perfect, for that task: Quick edits.

For a new project I need something more robust and feature rich. I could use Armadillo, as that offers in the on-page editing I’d liked to have had, but I’m nervous about the shelf live of it now.

As it is, Joe has the BF sale on and TCMS is only £45 for a licence, so I’m going to give it a try on a play site. If I like it, I’ll get another licence for the new project and add to the cost to the client quote.

I know it doesn’t have on-page editing, but it brings lot more to the table, so I can live without it.

I’m using GoCMS on a number of sites and it’s working well - both for ‘normal’ content and for blogging. I’ve got an old copy of the original Sentry which still works and picked up the 1LD offering when it was last on sale.

Elsewhere EasyCMS is a great solution, really quite powerful, though a little time consuming to set up. And I’ll be using Alloy for Foundry sites that need a blog and also some simple editing features using Embeds and Droplets.

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Also thumbs up for EasyCMS from Joe. Does not have all the bells and whistles as TCMS but there is no licence fee per page.

It isn’t listed on his site as one of the available products, but it’s part of their Black Friday sale. So, I’m wondering if there are plans to re-release it (or a new version)

That’s a concern. It was originally, I believe, a Nick Cates “product”, but he made a sudden speedy RW exit.

AIUI, GoCMS went on the backburner a short while ago while @yabdab concentrated on other products. Still supported though. I’d take the fact that it’s on sale again as a good sign.