Question for the Machform users?

Is there a way to have two email fields in a form and have the form do the spitty out bit if they don’t match?

I’ve checked the Machform site and can see nothing, so figured I’d asked the users here before firing them an email (which can take ages for a reply).


Yes, very doable and very easy. See screenshot below.


Perfect, totally missed that!


Got another question for the Machformers.

Can I set logic to hide the submit button?

I have a series of questions that can result in a “We don’t do that” message. In these instances, I’d like to hide the submit button.

I’ve looked on the MF site but can’t see anything.

I don’t believe there is a way to do exactly what you want. But the form does offer conditional logic. Using that feature I think you can end up with a message that says, “no need to submit, we don’t do that”. So while it won’t hide the submit button, someone does not to just not complete the process.

Also certainly possible to set things up so if the result of the questions is it can’t be addressed, then the user is forward to a page which tells them the service doesn’t do “it”.

I know these aren’t exactly what you want, but seem to come pretty close.

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That might work, thanks. Again. ;-)

You certainly take the cake for pushing the envelope! I agree with Mathew’s assessment - I don’t think it’s possible. But, his solution is a good one. :-)

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Another one for you guys…

Launching the Machform popup from a RW button? Doable? I’ve tried various methods but nothing is working. I’m in UIkit3, but thinking the process will be similar no matter the framework.

Ignore: Worked it out. Data Attributes!

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