Question on Player stack

On the Player stack page, it says

A special mechanism is built into Player, ensuring that only a single HTML5 audio or video file will play on the page, at any one time.

This doesn’t seem to be happening (or not happening) on the demo page, though. I can play at least two of the audio players simultaneously.

I’m bringing this up because I’m really looking for this feature, and want some pre-purchase reassurance. :grin:

I just tested on a page where I have multiple Player stacks. Only one will play at a time. I was using Safari.

However, it’s true I can get more than one of the Player stack page examples to play at one time: especially if I focus on the audio stacks. Not sure why that is: @willwood would have to answer.

At any rate, the stack works fine for me. Maybe there was something unique about his demo page that created this effect of 2 playing at the same time.

Thanks much for the reply. You’ve been a big help.

And it was sort of interesting to get all those audio players going at once – sounded like the first cover band I was in. :)