Quick Editor (1LD)... Anyone using it?

I bought Quick Editor when it launched, had a play with it but found it pretty clunky so didn’t go further.

I mostly use external CMS solutions for RW sites, but today I’ve had a need to add one tiny bit of editable text on a page, and so my usual external solution, which requires a database and the creation of an admin page etc. was overkill, so figured I’d have another look at QE. I’d seen it get updated a few times so hoped it had improved.

Now I can’t recall what in particular I disliked about it first time around, but trying it now it’s a joy to work with. Not at all clunky, it feels like a cleaner editor interface and best of all… Seems to be more reliable.

So I’m wondering, as I’ve no actual real-world experience with it yet, is anyone using it on a live site, if so does it get regular use, and has there been any instances of updates getting “lost”?


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I added it to some smaller projects but I do not have any real long time experience with it yet. So far everything works and changes are still there after a few updates of the site :-)

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Having it working on 2 small sites for clients and up to now, its working fine. No issues.

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