Quick Editor for RapidWeaver [Review]

You may remember that, last year, I composed a comparison of all the CMS systems available for RapidWeaver. Today, I should extend that list and add 1LD’s QuickEditor to it. Quick Editor is a set of two stacks that create editable content for RapidWeaver.

Quick Editor comprises an Admin and a Content Wrapper stack. Simply add the stacks to your page to automatically allow all images & text to be edited in a password protected admin area.

Read more at: https://rw-ninja.news/Quick-Editor

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Maybe you can answer for me: Why is there a stack setting for “non-editable” content?

If you don’t want something editable, just don’t add it to a stack. I don’t understand the setting. Am I missing something?

Hi Steve,

None-Editable Content
E.G. Nav bar with links to different pages.
Other elements, simply for the sake of displaying a complete web page that includes the standard, non editable sections…

… I think it’s all a matter of presentation. Whilst confusing for some clients, it can help – rather than trying to recognise disjointed elements.

OK, but what I don’t get is, why add a non-editable to a Quick Edit stack in the first place?

If you don’t want the content to be editable, instead of adding it to a QE stack and setting it to “not editable”, just don’t add it to a QE stack!

The inclusion of this option just seems odd to me, and makes me think I’m missing something?

Oh, you’re missing something alright. If it bothers you that much it makes me wonder why you did the deal with the cloven hoof’d guy in the 1st place.

He promised stacks beyond my wildest dreams.

Hang on, we’re talking about @tav , right?

Come to think about it, we’ve never seen his feet have we? and it wouldn’t be that hard to keep a pitchfork out of shot during a hangout.

If I had the time, at this point I’d find a pic of him and photoshop in some horns and hoofs, but I don’t, and I couldn’t be arsed anyway.

But ya, good point. He’s clearly the devil.

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