Quizzer Load Quiz problem

Stuart: In Quizzer, I would like to have two lines in each question, for a vocabulary test. The first line being a foreign word and the second line being the pronunciation. The answers are the translation.

Is it possible, and how?

I put this into my json file:

“q”: “

a tempo ah-TEHM-poh


and that sort of works. I get the main term in bold, and the pronunciation in roman, but I can’t work out how to get the pronunciation on a second line. As you can see, I tried /n, and various other combinations of /r and //r etc., both with and without angle brackets.

I even tried using for the first part of the question, but that seemed to break the quiz and it didn’t load.

The test site is here: Untitled Page 2 | Test

Many thanks


Hi Fergus - i’m out and about so can’t check properly at the minute. If you add in <br> wherever you want the new line it should do what you need.

Many thanks - that works. I didn’t realise that simple html works.

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