Quizzer -some questions-

I am doing exercises for the school (I always try to volunteer for the school my children attend) for the national mathematics competitions (Bocconi University, AIPM, kangourou, etc.).
I had thought of dividing the logic questions according to the years of the pupils, then create a system in Poster2 of subdivision of children from 8 years up to high school, tags, categories etc.
So far everything ok, I have pretty clear ideas for how to set it up in Poster2.
As for creating the logic questions, I thought about Google Forms, then I remembered the “Quizzer” stack.

I wanted to ask a couple of questions:

  • Can Quizzer be included in Poster2 posts? Or are there conflicts?

  • The final evaluation of the user after the exercise in Quizzer, such as the score or the correct or wrong answers, or even the solutions, as well as being displayed on the post page (Poster2), can they be sent to an email? For example, once the student has finished the questionnaire, a text box will appear where you can enter an email, by clicking on the button all the final evaluation will be sent to the email entered (it is useful for letting the teachers know the results achieved by the students).


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Yes - it should work just fine inside Poster.

Quizzer 2 (if I ever get round to finishing it) will have the functionality to automatically send emails /log scores but the current version only has some social sharing options that the quiz taker is in control of.


Thank you

I would love the email ability as well. Thank you!

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I have now seen on Quizzer | Shaking the Habitual in the Quizzer examples the social sharing options, I have seen that there is also sharing on email, great (you should be honest and not change the score) .
I can ask you how social sharing works, I don’t see social documentation on Quizzer | Shaking the Habitual Knowledge Base.

That is, how is the message that will be shared set up? Example in the email the score will be taken automatically, but can the text be customized to how it will appear in the email?

Almost all the schools in my part use Telegram for communications, can sharing with Telegram be implemented?
(Telegram and Email would be an excellent solution for the project I have in mind).

Thanks for the replies.

edit: This is my separate thought: it would be great to link “Charter stack” to Quizzer’s total results. Quizzer results over time are summed / stored to a file and displayed on the “Charter stack”. Would be great.

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I see that the info about the sharing options is missing from the Knowledge Base. I’ll get that added when I get a chance. Here are the settings:

I added an option to share to Telegram as a test and it seems to work. You can test here: Telegram | STH Demos

Yes - this will definitely be possible in Quizzer 2.

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The Telegram test is perfect.

I buy Quizzer1 now because you have done a wonderful job with this stack. When it comes out, I will also buy Quizzer2 to take advantage of the new features.
Thanks again.

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Thanks for confirming. I’ll get an update pushed out shortly!

Thanks! There will of course be a discount for existing users :)

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