"range builder" form that totals selection and creates an enquiry form?

I’ve got to get a proposal in tomorrow, real last-minute job for a local business, that will contain a form that the users selects a product range then makes the enquiry.

To explain more… the client is a kitchen installer. I’m to build them a site for a new brand they’ve picked up. In the site we want to display the individual ranges, and on each page we want a form/cart that will form the basis of an enquiry.

On the form/page there will be the individual kitchen products (base units, wall units, larder units etc.) with prices attached. The user then selects the number of each products they want which get added to the basket. They then send in the “order form” as an enquiry.

I’m thinking something using Rapidcart 4 or Cart3 and Poster is a good way to go, but I’d be very interested in hearing other peoples ideas.


This is proving harder than expected. I need for the user to be able to adjust the quantity before adding to the basket, and RCP doesn’t seem to have that facility (you can only add one of each item to the basket, then you adjust the quantity in the basket).

And Cart3 doesn’t seem to be able to just gather the users details and send the order via email, it seems it must checkout via a payment gateway.

So I’m a bit stumped. Ideas welcome.


I think you could force Ecwid to do what you want

Check out demo 10 on the Pi demo page https://www.weavers.space/stacks/pi
I wrote the demos and 10 does a totalling exercise using sliders and check boxes.

I was actually looking at that the other day, when this requirement came up. If the client opts for this feature, I’ll certainly be giving it a closer look.