Rapidcart Pro and 8.1.X heads up: It's busted!


I see it now. Maybe that is the fix, I dunno, as I said, I’m on 8.0.3 with no plans on upgrading anytime soon. This thread was purely a heads up to others.

If anyone was having issues with 8.1.5 and RCP and the RCP update fixed it, mention it below, so I can update the thread title.


oh dear this all makes very depressing reading. like Steve b said I think its time to create backup skill set just in case.
I guess after many many years on RW, following on from Freeway , its time to check out Wordpress, how hard can it be ? Ive avoided it for ever. But Just don’t want to be left high and dry.
Slightly confused though as Im getting offered an update of 8.1.5 but no reviews or mention of it on the main forum - ( unless I missed it ) what’s the current thinking of this upgrade ? worth the jump yet from 8.0.3


8.1.5 works for me, but I DO NOT USE resources, in-app publishing or the simulator. If you need any of those features, there might be some glitches (and I don’t mean BWD’s Glitch stack).


8.1.5 works fine for my 20+ projects. I always keep the resources in the project and I do use the publishing features every time. Just make a backup of your project files and go ahead…


8.1.5 works fine for me. As Jan (@Fuellemann) said make sure you have everything backed up, that should go without saying.
You can always go back, you’d need to restore any projects that you changed with 8.1x .
I think most of the problems folks are having is with RapidWeaver resources.
I would make sure if you use resources that you make the project “portable” in advanced settings before you upgrade.


…in preview. Published projects are fine…