Rapidcart pro .... v5 beta!

Somehow I’d messed up my install of Rapidcart Pro and had to download a new copy, when I went to get it I noticed this…

New v5 beta? Rob and the lads have kept quiet about that, or maybe I’ve been living under a rock?

Anyone tried it? Anyone know if the beta can be installed alongside v4?


I remember a version 5 being mentioned a while ago, maybe a year? Did wonder if it had been left by the way side.

Ah! Didn’t pick up on that. Maybe not as exciting as I thought then!

Got it, it upgrades the existing installation, so doesn’t look like it can live side by side with v4.

The stacks and other files are still v4 but the main plugin is v5. So maybe just some under the hood changes at the moment?

I remember recently there was a bug for shipping that they had no timeline to fix for v4, maybe this is the reason?

Ya, maybe. I only have it in one site now, that I can recall. Might be another few floating around that I’ve forgotton about, but I’ve not heard from anyone saying their store no longer works, so I’ll assume it’s all good.

I was kinda hoping they’d given it a big update, not least removed to conflict with Uikit, guess not.

I did a quick file compare, and it looks like this is just setting up the groundwork to change to RC5, UiKit is still there.

Nothing new yet, aside from the version change, but maybe more is coming. If they are just starting out then a good time to make feature requests.