RapidWeaver 8.1.4

I am just a bit concerned with an exchange that I read earlier on the RWForum between Tom Bradley (Realmac) and Isaiah (Stacks) about styled text. Link to the RW Forum thread in question. It was not so much the subject as the tone of the exchange between the two that alarmed me. If that is what they are happy for us to see, what is going on in the background?

On top of which, there are heaps of people seemingly unhappy with various aspects of RW 8.1.4 and yet it seems fine to me. Am I missing something??

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You can see some of what Isaiah is up against and this isn’t the first time that RM has left him out of the loop and the discussion continued on the public forum. RW is nothing without Stacks, and RW would have disappeared long ago had Isaiah not worked his magic and ingenuity and created Stacks. RM don’t appreciate the value of Stacks, when in reality, RW is just a front end to Stacks. Big shame.

Expect that thread to go AWOL any moment.


The ignoring of good work by developers and supporters has a long tradition

It’s pretty clear that RealMac and Yourhead have fallen out.

My 2019 prediction: The start of 2020 will have a very different landscape in the RW/Stacks world to what it was at the start of 2019. I’d put money on there only being one of the two companies left standing.

Not gonna say which I’d put my money on though ;-)


Iam beginning to wonder the purpose of this forum. Originally I signed up thinking I could get better or more direct help from the developers, but with these kind of discussions circling regarding the health of RW and RM, I wonder if I’m in the right place?
Iam not a developer, just have built and maintain 3 sites for friends, a casual user who enjoys RW.
Is RM on its way out??
This is the feeling that these discussions indicate.

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First of all, great you found your way here.

Yes, you get better and faster support from developers. That was the main purpose. If the named developers aren’t reacting fast enough, they get a kick in their bud from either @Marten, or preferable me (yes, I am one of the admins here, like all other developers).

Secondly, it became a home for the abandoned from the original forum (like @steveb or @Webdeersign) or the ones who would like to be abandoned (@paul.russam).

All opinions are allowed, as long as you aren’t attacking other users.

Coming to your main question: Why have people been abandoned from the original forum? Because they say their opinion openly. And most of the times, they state the truth, which isn’t welcome by everyone.


Do the members of this forum want that: No.

Are we allowed to speak openly about recent quality issues of RW, other apps or trends in web development (which might lead RW going down in flames): Yes.

Just have a look in the latest top threads of the original forum, they are all about the messed up 8.1.x RW version and people having problems with it.

Best, Jannis


And, as you can see, you need a good taste of humor and sarcasm here 😉


As Jannis said, as long as you’re nice about it you can talk openly here, yes, some of the threads here can be ‘fruity’ but that’s OK.
As for this discussion … it’s a … discussion, we can vent our frustration or sing praises, we could even spot a pattern in some users comments and find a fix for something missed by others … its happened before.

In the past (and possibly present) the RW forum gets sanitised of comments deemed ‘unwelcome’ , that has resulted in users and developers being wary of saying some things. If you have a look around here you’ll find developers helping users who are experiencing difficulties with another developers product, you’ll even find one dev helping another … you wont see that on the forum.

If you’re open to it you could even have a laugh … we often do at @steveb’s expense


You old banana 🍌

Love ❤️ your comment btw.


Just call me the village idiot.


It’s a shame really. I love the RW community but have begun to dislike their product.
I agree, RW is nothing without stacks. Their homepage is built on stacks. I find this very misleading to new customers. You buy RW expecting to make a page like theirs, only to realize you can’t. (With RW alone that is).
But, if they showcased a styled text page, no one would buy it because it would look like a Microsoft Office 98 word document.

I have noticed too that on the other forum, they point blame to stacks when things don’t work. I have great respect for yourhead and Isaiah. He helped me out a couple years ago when the RW dev team wanted nothing to do with it. I’m sure he spent many many hours helping me too.


I hear you but, for me, the bottom line is that with RW, Foundation and the wonderful stacks bought to us by many fine developers, there are no limitations to what can be done within a website. Stacks questions are answered quickly and courteously by their creators and several even do not hesitate to help with me solve RW issues.
Stack designers, keep up the great work! Joe Workman, one of the best things that happened to Rapidweaver . And they’re are plenty more out there.
Thanks for helping make me look good to my clients!

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Agree, my issue is with realmac, not what stacks and plugins can produce. It appears they don’t appreciate or respect the third parties that actually make the product viable. IMHO

True, true. I probably would have moved on away from RW before I discovered Joe Workman’s Foundation and his stacks followed by many others. They removed the limitations you have with only the RW themes. So yes, indeed, the third party contributors have been a huge part of keeping Rapidweaver a viable product.

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