Rapidweaver Academy - Big Thumbs Up

Having - almost - completed the Lawyer Course in STH’s Academy, I have to say that it’s well worth it. Elsewhere, someone’s pointed out that really Source is just a couple of stacks - Grid and Container - but they’re so deceptively powerful that I really wouldn’t have understood what was possible without working through the examples on the course and then having my steps confirmed (or otherwise - hah!) by the video walkthroughs that follow each part of the course.

Hats off to Stuart, not only for producing Source in the first place, but also for supporting it with such excellent training material. Heartily recommended.



I mentioned that Stacks is really just 2 stacks that you need to understand. It really struck me when I read that there are over 150 stacks in another Framework and this contrasted with how easy Source is to master.

As you correctly mentioned, the Container and Grid are indeed deceptively powerful, andI would add that you can’t really appreciate them until you try to build a layout with them. Controlling height and width and then how positioning (top, centre, bottom, etc.) inside containers is one of web design suggest challenges for a lot of people, and Source is the solution we have been waiting for.

I like Stuart’s approach in creating the STM Academy instead of adding lots of wiz bang effects and PR bomb dropping.


Thanks @rob.beattie. A much appreciated review. Really glad you found it useful.

I have built my first site from Source over the last few days (coming soon, not quite ready for prime time) and I am watching / using the excellent Lawyer training in the background. I will very happily echo @Webdeersign and @rob.beattie 's comments and amplify them: Source itself is wonderful to work with, although I clearly have much more to learn.

The RW Academy training though is the real revelation for me - I don’t think there has ever been such effective and thorough training available in the RW world ; the concise, clear videos are perfect and would allow a beginner to RW to complete these projects with ease.


Thanks @Nick - glad you are enjoying the courses! Looking forward to seeing your site.

I’ve got a third Source course in the works (looking at advanced layouts with Grid Plus) but I am going with a slightly different approach with the next course. Here’s a sneak peak.


Looks really interesting. I’ll be having a go. It’s a long time since I integrated something like this into RW so it should while away a few entertaining hours.


That is an impressive slider. Looking forward to this

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Looks interesting, and nice to see something a wee bit different too. Looking forward to it

@habitualshaker ( and all!) Looking very interesting, but perhaps a tad advanced for me right now?

Totally off topic, but probably interesting - I came across this site earlier on: http://www.mikiyakobayashi.com

Not Foundation, not even RW, but quite inspiring, if a little confusing. I really like the idea of one big image then scrolling up to a gallery that gradually appears as you scroll. How to even start!?