RapidWeaver Academy: 'Vista' course now available

We have just released our second course on RapidWeaver Academy called Vista! You can see some previews here:

This course again uses Source to build a web page but takes things up a level from our first course (Lawyer project) by using some of the more advanced options that the Source Add-on pack offers us such as:

  • Advanced container sizing and positioning
  • Building a ‘pricing / comparison’ grid
  • Using custom column definitions in our CSS Grid stack (Grid Plus)
  • Nesting grid items
  • Stacking / overlapping grid items
  • Incorporating the amazing Limelight stack from BWD

…and much more!!

To purchase, or to find out more, please visit our RW Academy page. You can also read some of the fantastic testimonials that we received about the first course there too!

Discounts available

If you already have the Lawyer course then you will find a huge 60% off discount code in the ‘Conclusion’ section of that course.

For everyone else, there is a limited time 25% off code available until next Sunday (13th) with the code: rwa-vista-launch.

Also, as a reminder, if you have the Shaking the Habitual stacks bundle then the code you were sent entitles you to 50% off all courses and projects (as well as all future stacks)!

Any comments / questions / suggestions just let me know.



Instant purchase for me…really great learning resource for Source - thanks Stuart, keep it up!!

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Thanks @Piggles - really glad that you are enjoying these!

There is one more Source-based one that I think i’ll be doing (a more design / magazine-layout type one along these lines) but after that I plan to start doing some more general ones. BWD stacks have been requested by quite a few people so happy to do something with them (I use Limelight a lot in this Vista course).

Suggestions for future courses welcome.


Hi Stuart, how do I apply the 60% discount? I got it from the end of the course, but don’t know how or where to apply it.

In the Paddle Checkout the ‘Add coupon’ link appears in different places in different countries. It should appear somewhere before you specify the payment method. It can be hard to spot though so just go through each of the steps slowly.

Let me know if you still have trouble.