Rapidweaver project file

I have downloaded a project file from the cloud where I keep a backup. Rather than being one file it has several folders and files rather than the one file. How do you make them go back to being a project file?

@guywoodland I think there is a solution to your situation, but Iā€™m not sure what it is.

For the future ā€¦ RW (when it does backups to a server) always backs up a zipped version of the project file. When I create additional backups (beyond the RW one) then I also try to remember to create a zipped version of the project: which is really a folder containing a bunch of files.

If all the files, sub-folders, etc. are in one folder have you tried giving the folder the extension .rw8? Might work. It sure does for me.

Structure of the insides of the folder should look like this:

Most of the subfolders and content will be contained within the Pages folder