RapidWeaver Stability

@Nick I don’t know if it will solve your problems but Stacks 4.1.4 was released yesterday. It improved a few things but it seems the main “crasher” it fixed was when an individual was working inside a partial, then clicked on another page before exiting the partial. This resulted in consistent crashes. Now fixed.


Yes Stacks 4.14 is looking good so far for me.

@Webdeersign Did you have crash issues prior to 4.1.4?

Yes a big crash using 4.13 with rw7.55.

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I might give this version a try then. Cheers.

@mitchellm thanks for the heads up! After starting the thread Gary was very kind and suggested some workarounds, so I’m on 8.6.2 and an early version of Stacks 4 and I have not seen a crash since!

Are there significant reasons for moving to a later version of Stacks 4? I’m so happy to be on a stable setup that I’m loathe to change

Sure: stability. If 4.1.4 is stable for everyone and it has more features then why not use it?

But I understand your point of view. If I’d been experiencing misery I’d wait a while also. Heck I don’t update Mac OS major updates for at least 6 months after initially released (no Big Sur for me yet). So waiting is like saying, “I’ll let others be the beta testers!” Completely reasonable.

I have to say that I have become like that with RW; too badly burnt recently. Big Sur on the other hand, has been fully stable on both machines ('14 Retina MBP and '19 iMac 27) and I am comfortable recommending it.

Unfortunately for me, 4.1.4 has the same consistent/repeatable crash instances as previous 4.1.x versions. I’ve sent in crash reports, projects and a video detailing the issue and Isaiah indicated he was confident he was aware of the bug and a fix is in the works, so I’ll just sit tight at 4.0.x and wait.

It’s no issue for me as 4.0.x works fine.

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Were you using Partials out of interest? If not what was leading to the repeatable crash?

I have been using 4.1.4 with rw7.55 for a few days and trying to crash it with no crashes. The one thing I havent been using is Partials.

There are partials on the page, but not in the content that is causing the crash.

What am I doing? Cutting and pasting a large chunk of content.

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Thanks for the heads-up @steveb I’ll continue along with the crash free 4.04 I’m using

Try it and see how it works for you. It might be mine is an isolated issue.

Before you upgrade make a copy of the stacks file in the addons folder. If the new version doesn’t work for you, just roll back to the old version you made the copy of.

Be aware that you will get a warning something along the lines of files save created with 4.1x are not compatible with 4.0x. I ignored this and didn’t notice any issues.

I upgraded to 4.14 from 4.04 becasue there were some specific bugs in 4.04 causing me problems, that were eliminated in 4.1.

I suspect that whether RW crashes for someone or not depends very much on how they use it. I’ve enjoyed a long crash-free period with RW8, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of crashes recently. My suspicion is that this has to do with the fact that I’ve been using partials more than ever before — nearly all of the crashes I’ve experienced have involved partials. Keeping a partial open and switching to the code panel seems particularly fatal.

Absolutely. I too suspect partials are one of the causes of crashing and since I updated to Stacks 4.14 from 4.04 (with RW7.55), I have deliberately avoided using partials or worked on files that contain partials, and have not experienced any crashing.

If you can send a crash report with information surrounding what led up to the crash, to Isaiah, then this could be valuable for his debugging.

I think that today, truly, I have had a total bellyful of RapidWeaver.


‘Rapid’ is a total misnomer: ‘Crashing Weaver’ is the reality - the core software is no longer functional, barely supported, why are we all paying for it? RW only functions if Stacks are employed.

The current site I have been working on is running without a single partial, utilises only Source and Stacks + an older version of RW. Yet it is unusable.

I’m checking Squarespace as I type. Its been 10 years on RW, there are some amazing people here, but the complexity and time wasted on a straightforward site makes me wonder if it is worth it.
Life is short.

Well, I pay for it cus it works for me. RW and Stacks has meant I could take it easy in life and build websites for a living, which let’s face it, isn’t rocket science.

I’m not able to use S4.1.x at the moment, but it’s hardly a biggie, for me that is, not talking about you.

In general, RW and Stacks together do some incredibly complex stuff, so I’m happy to pay, and continue to pay.

@Nick While I understand you’ve had a lot of issues with RW these are not true for most folks. Last time I had a crash was 2012? :)

It works smoothly and seamlessly for me.

My guess is that you have some deep seated conflict going on. Is it due to a theme, some code snippet, something else? Hard to know. I once in awhile run into a problem and can’t figure out what’s going on. And then in the end I’ll find something I did that created the issue even though it wasn’t obvious at all. It is hard to figure out what’s causing the conflict: no easy answer that I know of aside from your own problem-solving skills or sharing your project file with another person who can take a look.

Hissy fit over and thanks for kind words both of you :)

@mitchellm I have re-installed everything and stability, though not 100%, is much better + I have relearned the old Cmd-S of my youth!

@steveb ironically I now have several partials (from none previously) and stability is better. Hmmm.