Re-publish All Files vs Publishing individual pages

I’ve been having problems when trying to upload a website after I’ve made some changes. Whenever I create a new page, all the little blue dots show up on every page. If I try to “re-publish all files”, the upload crashes before it’s finished. So my question is: is there something special about using the “re-publish all files” command that doesn’t happen if you publish one or two pages at a time until they are all re-published?


When you re-publish all files and have a problem, chances are that there is something that corrupts the entire lengthy process and/or times-out it. When you re-publish one page at a time, you can isolate a problem more easily.

The whole publishing business in RW is very cumbersome and prone to the smallest problems. On the other hand, exporting a site to a local folder (on your computer) and then using a FTP app to upload contents of your local folder to your server is an almost fail-proof method.

Just be aware that after you make specific major changes to your project, like changing navigation, adding/removing pages, changing settings that affect CSS, etc., you need to export the entire site. When the changes are on a single page and involve only HTML, you can export that single page without a worry.

Personally, I never even attempt to use RW’s built-in publishing facility and always go the export-to-local-folder route. This way, I never have any problems whatsoever and I keep my sanity intact.

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In defence of RW, most publishing issues are at the server end, not the RW end.

Bar an issue a few years back, which was fixed in an update, I’ve never had a publishing issue, and I would regularly publish as I’m developing, so that’s a lot of publishing!

Whereas I have helped many with publishing issues, and always been a settings or server issue.

Just my personal experience.

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Steve, I would agree with you, if not for the fact, that I have never had any issue exporting and uploading by way of Transmit app, versus frequent problems while attempting to publish via RW’s own FTP – all settings being exactly same in both cases.

I admit though, I haven’t tried native publishing for several years now. Maybe this issue has been fixed in RW in the meantime.

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Thanks for the suggestions @fapkogi and @TemplateRepo . I have done the export and upload using FETCH but that was a long time ago and I never bought another FTP client because I was having no problem with RW doing it for me. Then after Jan 1, I started having problems so cleaned out some old files from the server and that seemed to help.

But my real question is: Is there any difference in the end result if you do a “re-publish all files” vs. publishing them one or two pages at a time? It is a good idea to track down the page that is causing the publishing to fail but doing them one or two at a time but I think I’d better get myself another FTP client.

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If you have Fetch, it should still do a job for you – as long as its version is compatible with your OS. So, no need for another FTP client.

Well, as I mentioned before, if you publish one page at a time, you might potentially miss some files that are necessary, if your changes in the project were extensive.

I was able to upgrade FETCH so it’s compatible with Big Sur. Now I just have to remember how to use it.

Another question: when looking at the files in the file manager on the C-panel, I see a folder named “Resources” which contains the files on the website that are in the RW Resources folder and also contains the files that are in the Menu item “Resources” in my website. Then there is also a folder called “Untitled-Folder” and this folders also contains all the files in the RW Resources folder. Would this cause a problem when publishing?

You can tell that I’m doing this website work coming from a non-computer background but I’m trying to learn.
TIA, Mary

The exact same method I also use - never ever do I use the RW publishing engine - just don’t need the headaches 😅

The “Untitled” folder is a puzzle for me. If I were you, I would download it to the computer as a means of backup, then delete it from server and see what happens. If your site will function as expected, that will mean that you no longer need that “Untitled” folder and you can delete it from backup. Good luck, Mary.