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OK, I’ve had enough of the BS on the Realmac Forum with posts being censured or even deleted. I used to enjoy trying to help folks out but I don’t see why I should add value to a forum that chooses what its members see.

My ‘helpful hints’ will continue here and on the Weavers Space Community site :)

RM account Deactivated.


What got deleted? I’m curious what their threshold is…

It’s frustrating because I can’t imagine the number of support hours that Realmac has been spared because of users like yourself helping out on the forums.


Basically, any negative post (criticizing RW and/or RM) gets deleted these days.

I can’t see any of the 206 comments of the ‘roadmap march 16th’ thread. When I enter details in the main search, the comments do pop up. However clicking on them just shows the main post without the comments.

Yeah I knew they had ditched those announcement posts. They were getting out of hand for them lol. I didn’t know they were still moderating so much though.

I actually don’t like that new forum in general. Its ‘prettier’ but its harder to track new comments and just less user-friendly overall.


That was always the case. The recent 200+ comments all deleted a few days ago, was probably the most obvious one. It is an enormous shame because there were many valid questions being asked that obviously had not been thought through.

Which will only delay further escalation and turmoil the weeks and months ahead until RW9 is released.

Personal opinion is many if not most people will be driven away not only from the RW forum; but RW as an app.

I’m personally done. I tried to be neutral. However, honestly, I’m over it all. I’m currently moving to a competitor for in-house projects and another competitor or hand coded for projects that require SEO.

I will look at Stacks App when it comes out. I think Isaiah has been a straight shooter. Some of the developers are fine. Not a fan of some, especially the more arrogant ones. So we will see where this all takes me.

It really is so very sad… 😢

Well said. We are in very safe hands.

Your comments ring a chord I’m sure, with all RW+Stacks users. However, I would say that I think it is far too early to be considering jumping ship. We are still watertight and when we reach the faster, sleeker and more pointy Stacks App ship, we can jump ship while singing sea shanties and accelerate away at speed over the ever expanding horizon. No doubt RW9will live out it’s life in bundle deals and we will probably retain fond memories of how we used to build Stacks sites.

Consider though, if the second RM Roadmap 2 had not been posted, and if RW9 suddenly appeared some time next year. The majority of RW users would still be singing the same hymn of joy about RW and RM and still derive comfort that everything was in order. At least we now know in advance, and already Isaiah is over a month into his Stacks App development. Until early March wasn’t everybody happy?

So until Stacks App is ready, we have a RW version that runs on the latest macOS and we have Stacks - happy days. Also, let’s not forget that the last macOS update introduced a bug in RW+Stacks and that it was Isaiah who pursued it like a terrior, working with the Stacks developers and users, until Isaiah quickly found the solution.

If you’re worried about a future macOS update breaking compatibility, isn’t that true for every single App on your Mac? Even Apple abandon Apps when they cannot justify the update or migration and iWeb was just one of many perfect examples of this.

And also consider, if this forum didn’t exist. I didn’t see the real issues being openly discussed elsewhere, and even on one forum, it was given the green light and support. The matter was openly and freely discussed here and nobody got banned or posts got deleted by the moderators and if some users expressed an opinion that didn’t fit a neutral viewpoint, then isn’t that just free speech? One of the reasons this forum came about was because there was no forum to openly discuss Stacks issues, and many members wear their RM banning as a badge of honour. I’m very glad this forum exists.


I never joined the Stacks band wagon. Not because of the people. Although RM has burnt the bridge with me. That’s why I have already left.

In the beginning Stacks was not semantic and could not be made semantic. Then the CSS Frameworks came along. They were sort of better. But by then the cost of entry was huge. The cost of maintaining and adding all the tools was even bigger.

I made my own themes in RW and added code when I needed to. If I need database driven technology, WP typically has it already with no development cost on my end

Not at all! This is the way.

In closing, the most recent version of a competitive app is really close but still is not fully semantic. I am hopping in the next version it will be. By then Stacks App will be close. So I am anxious to see if Stacks is FULLY semantic. If both are I will make a final platform decision then. All things equal, loyalty will win the day. Stacks.

EDIT: I should note. Stacks not being semantic is not due to any fault of Isaiah. Isaiah wants to. The API from Rapidweaver, after all these years never matured nor developed to allow it.

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NOTE: added edit in my previous post.

Me too. Just deactivated my RM account after reading today’s Realmac announcement.


The Realmac Community is more of a “walled garden” for supporting their products.
You must have serial number to join, and topics you can post about or comment on are very limited.
Since late January I go less & less.

Dictionary definition of Forum - fo·rum /ˈfôrəm/
A place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. is a forum that helps support products & much more.
I am glad it’s here


I can’t believe that 38 people have currently LIKED the Detour. I don’t mean 38 headshots fashioned into avatars and given made up names, I mean actual people! I doubt there are even 38 people who could fully understand what was written.

There is clearly something to cover up if , and wait over 3 weeks, it takes 2441 words to do it, when all that was needed was a one sentence positive statement and an expression of full speed ahead to greater things.

Very odd indeed.


I’m not so sure what’s hard to understand. Customers (in general) like being kept in the loop. Aside from the issue of whether you think the information is legit, or fully tells the complete story, is somewhat irrelevant. What people want is consistent communication, especially during rocky times. Clearly a lot of folks feel Dan has provided that.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with Dan’s post … just stating that to be surprised on your part is not understanding general customers very well.


Call it British humour and I am not surprised.

One of the issues is that good RM forum folk (or anyone actually) don’t know the answers to the burning questions:

Will I be able to use all my plugins in RW9?
Will I be able to load RW8 projects and use them in RW9?
How can I use my stacks based RW projects in RW9?
Will RW8 projects even load?
Will all of the 5000 available stacks work in RW9?
Will all themes work in RW9?

I understand that some want to hear nothing but good things, but the detour had no content about what RW9 will or won’t be capable of doing. It was all bitter blame, blame, blame and then the rest was unintelligent rambling jargon used to distract from the main issues.

Most members here, know that the answer to the questions above will be NO, but the poor people on the RM forum don’t know what is coming. Maybe that’s how 38 of them prefer it.

Dan had an opportunity to put all of the nonsense to bed and then explain how he will build a better version of RW9 that will move forward without Stacks.


Exactly. What we see now is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real turmoil begins when RW9 is released, customers purchase the upgrade, and afterwards realize they aren’t able to import their RW8 projects or aren’t able to use Stacks plugin. That’s the real shame.


My posts get constantly deleted by Dan Counsell on the community forum (who by the way also deleted his account here).


@Webdeersign I’m sure what you describe will probably be accurate for some folks. But far from all.

For instance, at this point in time I would have thought about 90% of folks would be using frameworks (Foundry, Source, Foundation, etc.) But I’m clearly very wrong: there’s a much bigger percentage than I guessed using regular themes. I think it’s the same with stacks … probably many people, in the end, use a small number of simple stacks that will likely be easily replaced by relevant Elements. So I’m concluding I don’t know the overall RW/Stacks audience all that well.

At any rate it will be easy enough for folks to switch over to Stacks5 if they want/need to.

My read of Dan’s post is that it’s quite clear some stacks will no longer work with RW9. Some people will be fooled and confused, but it seems to me there’s plenty who understand the situation clearly enough. And are fine with it.

To me, Realmac has adopted the Yuzoolthemes business model.