Recreating a simple site - suggestions?


I’m just about finished recreating a Wix site into a Rapidweaver site (and making responsive) - any suggestions on what I might have missed or what might make it better? He didn’t ask for improvements, but I’ll pass them along.



Dave, the site looks good.

The only thing that bothers me is the sticky menu bar. I know they are all the rage these days, but I’m not a big fan. It always bothers me when I lose a lot of the screen height because of one. I think it also distracts from the main content on a website.

On my MBP, the menu bar is 110px tall. If you stay with a sticky menu bar, I’d really try to get that down to about 50px.


Thanks, Don - I agree, it looks much better at approximately half the height. I also changed the opacity so that less of the underlying content shows through.

One other question for someone… On this page < > I’m using a Blueprint stack to move the right-hand content down so that it lines up with the bottom of Gary’s photo. I tried using Target, but had no success. Other than some of the table stacks that offer bottom alignment, can someone tell me a better way to accomplish this? Thanks!


How about if you use a Sidebar, make it a Flex column, and then align the content to the bottom?


Thanks, Jason. I’ve never done that before, but I’ll try it in the morning. I appreciate it!

EDIT: I can’t believe I’ve been using Foundation since the very beginning, and never knew about Sidebar/Flex/align bottom! Thank, you, thank you, thank you, @jabostick! That works perfectly.


That’s because it isn’t anything to do with Foundation. That is the BWD Magic at work.


I do think the old favicon was better and not stretched.


Fixed - many thanks, @Jeso!


Hi Dave -
I hope it’s safe to assume that you are mostly moving things away from Wix to RapidWeaver and wanted to keep the same general website intact. I went through and saw a few little things that you may want to think about adjusting. I teach this stuff (27 years and counting)! and at this point it’s really the only way I can contribute back to the forums as I’m still fairly wet around the ears with regards to using RapidWeaver. My apologies if you think my comments are nitpicky - that usually means everything is working pretty well!

Before I drop the pictures in, someone commented on the the sticky header taking up a lot of room - I think InStacks makes a stack called ‘Headless’ which hides the menu until you go to scroll or if you move the mouse - your navigation is there when you need it but fades away when you don’t. I haven’t tried it yet, but the man does quality work :)

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions about my comments.


Thanks, Mark!

I was actually trying to make the site resemble, as close as possible, Gary’s existing site. However, I agree with all of your points. So, I made them, published them, and then sent Gary the revised project file.

I actually design all of my sites in Rapidweaver (but, have been considering other options, too). Here’s a link to a more involved site I finished not too long ago. Thanks again for your recommendations - they were spot-on. :)


Hi Dave -

You’re welcome! I just looked at the SC Diagnostic site you did, it’s great - flawless even! Your design and color choices are a really good fit for your client - professional, test friendly, warm, and accessible. I hope they paid you well :)

BTW, a belated thanks for fleshing out the process for setting up a developers account so I can get Google maps working. You gave me enough info in a way that I could understand - thanks for taking the time!