Redirect Stack - is there a limit to how many?


Hello all,
My mind has been so blown recently by just how good the Poster Stack is that I have decided to rebuild much of one of my websites with it, specifically a teachers resource page containing 40 pages worth of children’s craftss.
Yes, that did take forever to make.
Each image currently links to a separate page that each have countless (1000s in some cases) links from Pinterest to them, which naturally I don’t want to break. Is there a limit to how many Redirect Stacks I can use before Google starts to complain? I assume that the Redirect Stack is the way to go as it creates a Moved Permanently 301.
Thank you - Tim


I don’t think there is a limit. Just remember where you have places a redirect (to) 😉


You could also use.htaccess redirects as well.


Exactly. I would also recommend using htaccess if you know what you do (it isn’t that difficult), and if you have a lot of redirects to perform.

The Redirect Stack is a nice way to create a redirect for a orphan page directly in Rapidweaver, at the end doing this directly with htaccess on Apache configuration has the same outcome.


Thank you all.
I’ll think I’ll go for using the redirect stack as it will be easier for me to keep track of which links I have redirected.
40 Pages of copy and paste and I’ll be done. Straightforward as all pages are stacks tho so just drop the content into Poster.
Thank you


Yay, I’ve finished remaking my children’s crafts pages with Poster. Redirects seem to be working fine too. I’m delighted with it. Very fast for teachers to browse all the crafts now.

Any suggestions as to why I can’t display a list of tags would be appreciated (I’ve manually typed them for now. Possible theme specific or user issue.

Tip of the day. Don’t leave it three years to check a website. Almost all the image stacks were labeled Legacy and not displaying any images, and there were up to ten a page of how o make each craft. At least it gave me the opportunity to warehouse the images this time around.

Thank you



Hi Tim, did you follow all steps described here?


Ahh… no. I should really write that down some where .

It’s all good now thank you.