Redirecting old blog posts with long URLs to Poster


I’m thoroughly enjoying remaking large swathes of my teaching resources website using the ever wonderful Poster stack.

I’d like to tackle the current teacher blog next.

My plan was to use the Redirect Stack to point to a new blog post so I don’t loose all the traffic that certain older posts get.

Thing is, the URL according to RW is more than 31 characters and contains non-alphanumeric characters.

For example

How would I redirect that ?

Thank you as always


Hi Tim,

This URL is at the end the same post:

Does this work?

Cheers, Jannis

Hi Jannis,

It doesn’t sadly. I didn’t know that would work as a link either interestingly.

As far as I understand it, I need to create a page within the Blog folder called ?post_id=21 , (then on that page have Redirect) which it isn’t going to allow me to do with that question mark there.


After reading tour post on the original forum, I understood your question.

Yes, best use a htaccess redirect therefore.

Just for those reading this post in a similar position I received a very useful and detailed reply in the RW forum on the different kinds of htaccess redirects.

My blog is now pretty much running fine now, even though I ended up with a 550 line htaccess file as a lot of the content I discovered needed to go.

Thank you

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