Remove navigation background from Parallax theme

@Lucas, I only want a one page site for my store to use with RapidCart Pro and decided by buy the Parallax theme (added to do dozens of themes I already have), for the simplicity Ulkit brings.

But I run into this navigation bar at the top which I do not want. How do I remove it and its menu icon, or at least have control in deciding whether or not I want a menu bar, or at least to be able to change the background transparency to 100 percent.

Go to Page Styles > Navbar Sticky option and set that to 0 opacity.

I have brought all opacity connected to all things Nav. Sticky, but to no avail, as shown. Could you send me an image of the section to which you are referring.

@Lucas, after running some test in designing a new site, this navigation bar issue only happens with RapidCart Pro.

Here’s the screenshot with the Navbar Sticky option highlighted.

Sadly Rapidcart pro won’t work with UIkit3. Rapidcart Pro uses the syle classes from UIkit2 (the general framework not the RW version). In Uiki3 these changed, so it messes with Rapidcart pro.

I did raise this with the RCP boys some time back, in the hope they’d “tie” the RCP UIKi2 classes down to only RCP, so as to not interfere with the UIkit3 classes, but it wasn’t a priority for them. I think they have a new version of RCP in the works, but no idea if it’ll ever see the light of day, and/or if this issue is sorted.

But either way, for now, and I suspect the future, the present version of RCP will not work with the UIKit3 Stacks framework.

EDIT: I should add that I believe Parallax is built off UIkit3.

I am quite disappointed(: with RapidPro and for other things that I will not mention here.

I truly appreciate you @Lucas and the other developers like yourself who realize that users of RapidWeaver stacks, plug-ins and themes are really ever developers, therefore should strive to provide the best customer support.

Sadly, I had to purchase another EXPENSIVE theme I may never use again that uses Parallax.

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