Removing text stack removes content on first click?

I think this might be a feature/issue of S4, but not sure.

In some instances, when you click the little “X” top left of a text stack, to remove it, the first click removes the content only, replacing it with the default. To remove the stack itself you need to click the “X” again.

Is this meant to happen?

Once I’d worked out what was happening, I’ve found it quite handy, but I don’t recall @isaiah mentioning this “feature” in any of the videos. Though, I might well have missed it!

If this is a bug, and I’ve just dressed it up as a feature, so meaning it doesn’t need to be fixed, you can thank me later ;-)

I can’t confirm this behaviour. Which stacks do you see this feature with?

For sure with the S4 Markdown stack.

Yup, this seems to be a feature of the “standard” stacks.

This is not a new ‘feature’, it has been present since Stacks 3; not with all stacks, but especially with BWD’s Paragraph stack.

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Issues should be reported here:

All stacks that use styled text should behave the same. An individual stack just invokes the same styled text API feature. Any reproducible evidence to the contrary should most certainly be posted on the issue tracker.

I have never seen or heard a report of this before.


I have seen this in many text stacks for as long as I can remember. In Stacks3 if you selected a stack with text and hit Delete, the text contents would be replaced with the default text but the stacks would not be deleted. A further press of the Delete was required to delete the stack. In my experience this was an intermittent issue and usually the text stack would delete on the first hit of the Delete key.

Edit. I should have said that the text was not selected in the example above.

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I would regard this as expected behaviour but I would also consider that different to clicking the x button.


The expected behavior:

If there is some content in one of the content areas of the stack (e.g. you’ve edited some text)

  • Clicking on the X button or typing Backspace will clear the content of the stack – setting the content back to whatever the default for that stack is.

If a stack has no edited content areas (i.e. if they are all clear OR if there are no content areas)

  • Clicking the X button or typing Backspace will delete the stack

There is one subtlety here I forgot to mention. Only the selected content area is cleared. So, for example: if you just select the very outer border of a text stack, then no content is selected, so nothing will be cleared, so the stack will just get deleted.

This is also a nuance of multiple selection. When you select multiple stacks – the inner content areas are never selected – so stacks will just be deleted.

The clearing thing just happens when you click right on the content and select it.

The intention is that this doesn’t really phase n00bs. They’ll just keep clicking the close button until stuff goes away. LOL.

But pro users will be able to use this subtlety to quickly clear a stack of it’s content when they need to.


If you do see any bug, do like the smart guy says, and just stuff them into the bug tracker. Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite. Feel free to post crazy stuff. If it’s too nuts I’ll just close the bug – no harm, no foul – but it’s recorded in there and never goes away. We have record of that bug report just in case it comes in useful.
It even accepts largish attachments and I will get an email and a slack message whenever you do this no matter where I am. It’s like an unfiltered direct line to the To-Do list for my brain. 🧠🤯


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