Repository File Size

I am unable to upload files larger than 10MB to Repository; is that normal?

Max upload size is dictated by your server, not Repo. I think the default for most is about 10mg. If you have access to Control Panel you may be able to change that.

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sounds logical, thanks for the info

@Orchrist As Steve mentioned this is controlled by your server company. It will likely be controlled by a few things: including how much total space you have on your server area.

Per a request to my hosting company I can now have my students upload up to 125 Mb of “stuff” (e.g. audio or video) at one time. But I have a lot of server space. I would try to do as Steve suggested, but also contact your hosting company and ask directly.

Actually, it is not the server company, as I found out, firstly by speaking to them, then uploading the 227MB file per FileZilla, so it seems that there is a problem with Repository - I have something like 140GB free space on the site.

I’m not sure how repository works but if it’s using php, that’s a whole different thing than FileZilla using ftp. Php file limits are Controlled server side usually via the php.ini file. I would think @Jannis could clear this up.


@Scott_Williams Yes, Repository is done via PHP (at least as I understand it). And, yes, uploading by FTP/SFTP is a completely different matter.

@Orchrist I’d contact your hosting service again and ask them how to change/set uppper limit for uploads using PHP. There has to be some limit. All I can tell you is this is not something that Repository has control over. But it was very easy on my end to change via my hosting company. (Note: some hosting companies are more “friendly” than others.)


Make sure that your hosting company understood the distinction between uploading via an ftp file manager like filezilla and uploading via anything that works via php.

Most hosting companies limit the php upload, depending on your hosting company, to something as small as 10 MB.

There’s two parameters that need to be checked and changed in the php.ini file.

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 40M

; Must be greater than or equal to upload_max_filesize
post_max_size = 40M

Repository uses PHP to upload so theses limits are observed.

You might be able to override them in an htaccess file by adding these lines

php_value upload_max_filesize 40M
php_value post_max_size 42M

The default says is 2m.
You can check what these values are currently by setting up a PHP info page and link to it.