Repository stack - multiple users

I see that the Repository stack can have two users - for example an admin and a user. Is it possible to share the user id among several different people so they can all access the files and folders in the repository? And if so, what happens if two users log in at the same time and starting moving, editing, uploading and downloading stuff?





This will work.

So they won’t ‘bump’ into each other and mess everything up?

Who knows ;-)

The file list is updated quite frequently, so they would see each others changes quite fast.

How do you actually “make” two or more users?

There are 2 username/password hash combinations.

Can only two be made? Or is it possible to make more?

Currently you are able to use Sitelok.

My understanding is that you can have a user and an admin. That’s all. As Jannis says, for more it looks like Sitelok is the way to go.

I said, currently 😉 working on something…


Excellent. 8-)

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