Repository Stack users

I have purchased the repository stack and would like to have an administrator who has the ability to do all the functions and users that have only download ability. I am not seeing how that can be done? It seems that there are not separate settings for each?
Ideally I would like 1 admin and 6 different users. Any thoughts?

I have the stack and cannot see anyway to have different user privileges. It would make it a better stack if you could control what a user can see. Have you tried the developer?

Have a look at this thread from last year.

That’s possible with 2 separate repository pages.

One pointing to a root folder for the admin, the other one for the customer to a folder underneath the root folder.

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Where do I make those distinctions? And if I want 1 Admin and 5 users would I make 6 pages?

Creating pages: RW.

Currently: yes.

I am working on a update to simplify this. No ETA.

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This is what I am trying to accomplish.
1 admin to put files in a general directory that 5 users without admin privileges can access. I would also like to have individual directories that the admin and a specific user can access without admin abilities.
Is this possible and can you tell me how to accomplish this.

Currently, this would have to be done with different RW pages / repository stack pointing to different subfolders.

As said, a update where this is possible to handle more dynamically with more users is in the works.

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Does the permissions apply to the admin or to the user? how does one separate permissions?

If you need different permissions, you need separate pages pointing to different subfolders.

The authorizations for the subfolders for the clients can then be different form the “root” folder of the administrator.


  • documents (admin)
  • documents/client1
  • documents/client2
  • documents/client3

And for all of these configurations different pages in RW.

Sorry, there is no other way now.

Is there a demo rapidweaver file that might show how this is done?

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I don’t have this currently at hand.

Repository is working beautifully, making blogging and dealing with server-side images so much easier.

I have one tiny issue, I occasionally see a message: " General error occurred: No or broken response" in red.

The file type, has been ‘allowed’, so I’m guessing this may be a file size restriction, as it is usually relates to larger audio files - anyone?

Most probably. Inside the php.ini file it’s defined how large files are allowed to be uploaded.

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@Nick I’ve worked with my hosting company to allow uploads up to 200 Mb (I think, maybe less). Of course I also have a lot of server space. So it may be worthwhile contacting your hosting company in terms of what they allow. My hosting company took care of the relevant changes so I could upload bigger files: be it with Repository or Transmit.


Yes – looking forward to an update on this…

Thanks and sorry for the late reply, I have been guiding wildlife guests. I have stacks of space, so it should be ok - I was going to check the settings in .php too