Repository - Useraccess PHP version 8.0 needed

Hi Guys,
Perhaps someone can help me out… ;-)
I get this message when I try to reach a folder in Respository (2.3.0) page in combination with UserAccess (1.3.1):

‘Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 8.0.0”.’

So I switched to PHP 8.0, but then the website doesn’t load anymore ?? Oops
When I set it to PHP 8.1 ditto: site doesn’t load anymore…

So back to PHP 7.4 >> site does load again but I’m stuck with that message…
What to do here ??
Kind Regards

I have the same problem using UserAccess, so I just switched to the inbuild access in Repository. I did not get any error message though. Actually, I forgot to tell Jannis

Hi @Kent,
Thanx for your reply, I really don’t know if this is Useraccess or Repository related, so before I mess things up dramatically, I quietly wait for a reaction from @Jannis ;-)

All my (demo) sites are running with 8.0, so please send me the PHP error logs if the page doesn’t load. Thanks.

Hi @Jannis , I’m a noob… sorry! Where do I find that PHP log?
F/Y/I - The pages are build with the elements Blankstrap 5 / Sitelok / Useraccess / Repository
Kind Regardz

Please contact your hosting provider, as it is different from each installation.

Hi @Jannis
I called them and this is what I could retrieve (abacadabra to me) ;-)

Hope it’s helpful to you
Kind Regards

I copied my login from another page that uses the same login. And it works like a charm now. I have no idea why it did not work before. I have recently experienced some paths on the web hotel have changed, although other sites with different customer login to that same web hotel, also created additional problems for me.

Sorry Joop, nothing in relation to UserAccess. I see php7 in the path. Please make sure with your hoster that PHP 8 is used.

So you don’t have anymore issues, do I understand correctly?

UserAccess wasn’t charged for weeks/months m. The only change I can see which might effect existing sites is that email addresses of users have to be unique.

Hi @jannis,
I tried again (like yesterday) to switch over to PHP 8 (and 8.1) …
but in both cases the WHOLE website does not load anymore… so not only the pages we discussed

I really don’t know what causes this, from my part I was just visiting after a couple of months, haven’t touched anything since then…

Then it might be you’re using other stacks dependent on PHP, which aren’t compatible with PHP8.

Please create a page just with UserAccess and no other stacks and let me know how it works out. Please get back to me in a private message then. Thanks.

Yes, it is working, and I also did not change anything. I simply copied the same user access stacks from another page protected with that same login.

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