RW 8.1.4beta Lost Images

Just a heads up that I stupidly updated to the latest beta which then ‘lost’ every image in every stack in my current project! Luckily it is a ‘beta’ website design and nothing final and there were only a handful of images but it wiped them clean!
Just be careful!
I know it is a beta and always have a stable version running as well so no lectures about betas please.

Do you mind if I ask a few questions. I am a little curious how this happens. I suspect that the beta parts are actually a red herring here and that the real culprit is something related to the process of updating – or about how you went about copying/updating the project.

Did you make a copy of the project file?
If so, can you (with as much detail as you can recall) tell me exactly how you did the copy?

Did you copy in the finder? or Save as in Within RapidWeaver?

Did you rename the copy? Did you rename the original?

Was the original open at the time that you copied it?

Did you copy before or after the updater had run?

Was the original or copy of the project file open when you were updating?

Do you have any of these files: before/after/corrupted/non-corrupted that you can share with me?


The site was just an early ‘play’ site for a friend so nothing serious yet. hadn’t copied it before updating to the latest beta. Upon opening the project after updating it had lost all the images that had been used. Initially it wouldn’t let me add the images back but after a restart it did. The wasn’t any corruption, everything worked fine but not a single image was in the project.