RW 9.1 is it worth the upgrade?

With the current 60% discount is it worth buying a license?

I’m not trying to get into any platform wars, I’m just trying to think pragmatically about how to keep my stacks investment going for the longest period. The Studio licence would cost me $39.99 for two seats (which I need) and would then give me a year to see what Yourhead produces.

Does that seem sensible? (I’m currently on 8.9.3)

It’s basically the same version. I’ve never experienced any of those so called bugs (that are supposed to be fixed). But then again I only use Stacks pages, none of that other stuff. Nor would I use the “new” features, the most obvious ones being the notification widget (there’s a stack for that) and the choice of internal PHP server version (I fixed that shortcoming long time ago myself, so there’s nothing to gain). Your current Stacks setup will continue to work as it is, why wouldn’t it? Will the Stacks plugin continue to be updated after launch of the app? I don’t know. So… the question remains, is $40 worth your peace of mind? 😉

If RW8 works on your Mac with the latest macOS, you’re good at least for the next year.

I’ve had the feeling that RWC is always on sale 😄


Exactly. Promises of new features and big pats on the back about how this is the best RW ever nonsense. What new features?

Both RWC and Stacks 5 feel more like Kickstarter campaigns than significant upgrades. That said, at the moment we do need both Realmac and YourHead to succeed (it’s just a bit disappointing that neither could offer a ‘must have’ feature in their new versions).


So has anyone who has upgraded found any benefit from RWC?

How does RW8 cope on Ventura, I’m still on Monterey?

We have one upgraded and one 8.9.3. Nothing wrong with 8.9.3 it works perfect on Ventura.
8.9.4 introduces the feature of a nag-screen.


I love that feature.


I am still running RW8 - 8.9.3 with no issue under Ventura 13.2.1


I’m trying to avoid spending another penny on RW until we get a clear indication of the future. I feel so sorry fr stack developers.

Wait until it breaks until you try and fix it.

I upgraded a few weeks back, and to be honest I cannot see the value, as yet. In addition it continually crashes on me (at least once or twice a day). I sent sent through crash logs, but nothing seems to change. I am on Ventura. We also need to keep in mind that once you upgrade you are faced with an annual subscription at full price - the Adobe model - that I moved away from a few years ago for RW for this reason. I personally feel that v9.1 should still be in beta mode until the continual crashes are sorted.

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Hi, for me, this version is the most stable one. I hardly experience any crashes. Since I am using stacks, version 5 did help to stop crashes as well. So there might be another cause for these crashes?

Then RW is not a subscription model like Adobe. If you do not pay, you can still use your software. You just don’t get updates for the next major release. The nuisance is that you will have to opt-out of the recurring costs by yourself as far as I know.

Can you install and run RW8 and RW9 on the same machine?


Edit: Nag-screen included 🤣

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I’m in 8.9.3 so no nag screen 😁

I was thinking of maybe running then concurrently in case there are problems.

Note that the same addon folder (so stacks, themes and plugins) is shared by both apps.
They say that it should be possible for both apps to have their own.
However, I haven’t been able to. Another great feature!

I’m staying on RW8 for the moment. I’m running the latest Stacks and the latest iteration of Ventura with no issues.

My website is very simple.

I’m going to wait until I see what YourHead does with a stand-alone product before I decide the best path. Hopefully Isaiah will have a trial version that I can test my site with before any purchase.

Hi @Fuellemann that sound great. Unfortunately when I combine RWC with Foundry 3 it crashes for me - I’d say at least 3 times a day. This has been previously been reported by me and others to Realmac, but still no fix.

I realize this is probably not the case, but just to be double-sure: you are using the Foundry 3 theme with Foundry 3 stacks? Possible you are using Foundry 2 theme with Foundry 3?

I am using only Foundry 3 theme and Foundry 3 stacks. I think I have narrowed it down to RWC crashing when I drag a template stack from those suppled with Foundry 3 and I have upgraded from RW8 to RWC. Will keep testing the theory…

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