RW Central Weekly Workshops-Still On?

Are the weekly workshops still running with Marten Claridge?

Hi Jody,

At the moment I run two Zoom workshops every week — one on RapidWeaver and Web Design and one Beta Testing Group — which are currently closed to new members.

However I am thinking of opening up another public workshop, if there’s sufficient demand for one. It would likely take place between 4 and 6 pm GMT on a Monday or a Thursday.

Anyone who would like to participate should register their interest below.

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That is a time I could manage to join :-)

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lol I’ll join!!
Always worth the time - I learn SO much!

Thanks Marten

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Yes Marten, I’d be interested. I’m on East Coast time. I’m particularly interested in a focus on design, layout and positioning. You can find enough detail on various stack settings, which is fine, but a focus on Design would be great. There are so many stacks it gets a bit muddled. Maybe it’s time for a step back to focus on Design First. Then figuring out which stacks will work for your idea, and how to adapt the design if you have to, if something won’t work across all browsers/devices and responsively. At the same time, it’s great to explore the design potential of different stacks to understand how they can contribute to your overall idea.

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Intersted, not sure I’ll manage 4pm GMT (which is 6pm here) when working. I’m usually not home before 5pm GMT, and then there’s still the dog and dinner and … sighs

I’d love to join.
Thanks Marten.