RW crashes in Ventura

I have just updated my OS to Ventura 13.3 and RW (v8.8.3) crashes after I open a project or create a new one and try to preview.
Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?


I can not say whether or not Ventura is to blame. I may be wrong, but I think the problem is with the latest update (or two) to Stacks. I noticed that now RW 8.9.3 uses much more energy, memory and disk space for cache (according to the Activity Monitor) than before update to Stacks 5.1.0.

I am still running Mojave (on a computer that can not be updated to a newer OS) and since a couple of months ago, RW stalls and crashes after about 10-15 minutes of work – especially when I work on multiple pages of a site and especially when those pages are complex. I have to restart RW every now and then to regain space used by its cache (more than 6GB per session – that is between crashes).

Ventura has changed some internal security processes. Try deleting the RW app and re-installing. Check all permissions for Files and Folders and/or Full Disk access.

You can search both of those terms in OS Settings.