RW for All or none?


@steveb - and this comes from someone who posts " I’ve only just realised that this is a new thread! So I think I need to clarify, as it appears as if I started this as unique thread, which I didn’t.

My comment at the top, which appears as the first post, was actually a comment made in another thread following a discussion with Isaiah and a few others about various things"

I have an excuse its called old age! Whats yours? :-)


Aha! Well I take that back then! Like you, I didn’t start rhst other thread, it got split, and I did question the wisdom of that happening.

What’s my excuse for what?


@steveb - I was being flippant about my age and not noticing things! You will get used to my sense of humour as I was born in the capital of Ireland - i.e. Liverpool! :-)


Right, OK.


I just brewed myself a pot of tea. I can’t be bothered to read the whole thread as it twist and turns like a HTML bitch chasing a CSS hound on heat. Anyone want to sum up what the topics are so I can complain about them?


Hi guys.

I didn’t split the original thread, as it is still all about monetisation and future of Stacks. First things first:

  • Stable RW8
  • Stacks 4 release

Everything afterwards are currently only speculations :-) So please, get back to the original thread for discussion of these, and give Isaiah some time to respond.

I also do not want to close this one here, as it is well worth the discussion of “takers” and “givers”.

Please “try” not mixing topics.

Cheers, Jannis


As I read it, Paul is saying I’m awesome and he’s old.

Least that is what I’m taking away from it.


Respond to what? I must have missed it. If it’s just pricing and stuff – I was just kind of taking it all in. It didn’t seem like there were any questions, just folks giving their feedback and critiques of various plans. All good stuff. I’m reading every one – but felt it was kind of better if I stepped back and let folks say what was on their mind without worrying about me…

So, do please carry on. If I miss something, just hit me up with an @isaiah or a DM and I’ll get to it. 😃 Although, I think based on some of the critique, perhaps I should start charging per word for my extra help here. LOL 🤣 (kidding, seriously, i would never do that – don’t worry).


I think this discussion.


From my POV no need to respond that that comment/post in particular. I understand 99% of this is just us shooting the breeze as you weirdo yanks would call it ;-)


Oh, yeah, thanks but no thanks. I’ll let that one lie. ;-)

That discussion started off pretty deeply negative. And in a forum your only tool is a shovel. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop digging. LOL 😜

From my perspective… there were a lot of users throwing out ideas. That’s awesome. I wanted to hear them.

I’ll be honest: I totally knew that once money was added to the equation that it would get ripped to shreds. That was kind of my point. 😈 It just helps to ground the dreams, bring them back down to reality.

But here’s my plan:

  1. Release Stacks 4
  2. Um… let’s see… I um… yeah, actually I don’t have a step 2.

Thanks again for the few who jumped onto the patreon. Really appreciated. I’m going to work at making it enticing enough to pull in a few more. It’s a good challenge.


i live in texas. where this was probably actually said at one time.
but steve… i can assure you… us 'mercans do not say this.


Ohhhhhh, I’m stealing that one :)


Actually, there was one post i made that it would be handy to get a reply to…

I was about to signup to your Patroen page, but they add 20% vat, or more accurately deduct it from the money donated. I can’t really understand why though. If I donate money to you, you should get it all, not 20% UK government.

Would you not consider a PP or Stripe account instead?


Surely you forgot to use your other home address in say Texas in the US where VAT doesn’t apply.


dunno really. British and EU tax law isn’t really my specialty. i think you’ll have to ask patreon. i’m guessing they’re just following the law.

patreon is well known. i wanted to try it. that’s part of their deal.

do i want to try to roll my own version of patreon with stripe? not really.
that would be a lot of work and i think part of the success of the patreon platform is their brand recognition.

but don’t stress about it. if it doesn’t suit you, that’s totally cool – i’ll make sure there’s other YourHead stuff to spend money on. 😃


It’s not that it doesn’t suit, just seems odd you have to/are happy to give away 20% of your donations to the UK government.

Maybe this is just how it is, I can’t say I’ve ever looked at making a regular donation to anyone, least of all a Texan ;-) But it just feels wrong. Paying tax feels wrong to me though ;-)

BTW- I have really good friends in Texas, they lived next door to us for years and were more or less surrogate grandparents to my kids. We keep threatening to visit them. So be warned ;-)

(Yes, i know it’s a fucking huge place).


death and taxes, man. what are you gonna do, right?
but tax funded stuff kind of saved my life once.
so i try to be as grateful as i can.

i’m not really very texan. i don’t really belong here. but (because of their crazy unfair tax laws) they have pretty great schools (unless you live in rural texas in which case they have appalling schools) and warm weather – both of which my kids needed badly (warm weather was a health thing for my kid’s asthma – it’s a long story).

texas was a bitter pill for me… i’m californian. i grew up on the beach. i’m a communist-hippy-leftist-libtard-gunhating-treehugger – and most texans hate most of those things.

here is my original avatar for the original RapidWeaver forum. yes it’s me.

but since i’ve moved here (to austin – which is kind like texas-light) i’ve met some great people. and houses are basically half-priced compared to california – so my house is stupid big and has a pool. and the place has really grown on me. it’s hard for me to admit, but sometimes i kind of like it here.

i still have serious issues with giant belt buckles though. what the hell? i think cowboys can pick up Sky TV with those things. jeez!


Sounds we need a beer together. Will knock on your door once when I get to Texas. Unsure this happens anytime soon, though.


@rob thank you for everything you do!