RW generating index.html files

Anyone else seeing an issue where RW sometimes generates index.html files instead of index.php files? The first thing I do when setting up new projects is set all pages to be php. I noticed last week when I republished “all files” that Rw published html files (which meant the site didn’t work properly). I deleted the new files, republished, and all was fine. This morning, I made changes to a few pages of a different project and when I proofed the pages, all I got was a white page for a couple of them (they needed PHP). It took a minute to figure it out…but RW had again published HTML index files instead of PHP files.

I’m running Mac OS 12.3.1, RW 8.9.3 (and it’s happened with both F1 and F6 project files, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it).

Yes I have noticed that too.

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Yes me too, good that others also noticed this, I was wondering what I had done :-)

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Could it be due to Apple silicon?

Not in my case.

This is just one of those additional things that you should keep an eye on. I recently switched over to RW8 and it has several additional bugs not present in RW7.

Roll on Stacks App.


Yes, this happens regularly and has been for a while, despite my setting the .php option for each site as you do. I have to say that I will be glad when the stacks app is ready, RW has been hissing me off for a long time for stupid time wasters like this.

Another fave is when I change a single word or add punctuation to a page and it republished half the site😠

Did you report it to RealMac?

Actually, no. I wondered if I was an anomaly or not. It hasn’t happened again since those two instances, so I’ve more or less put it out of my mind. If/when it happens again, I’ll save the project file and then let RMS know.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Let us know how you get on.


From memory, I did the first time it happened, but that was back in RW6 or 7