RW is looking for an old server

I have quite a few Intranet sites that used to be published to a server on our network. Upon opening up these site files, if my Mac wasn’t connected to the server, I’d have to SMB to it.

A few months ago we moved all of our internal and external sites to a fully managed DreamHost server, and we restrict access to the Intranets via IP filtering. All works great - with one exception.

Upon launching a sit file, RW attempts to connect to the internal server. After a few minutes, I am able to cancel it, and everything works fine.

I’ve run an Espresso search on all pages of my site, there are apparently no links anywhere to the old URL (that was changed when we moved to DreamHost), and I only have one destination setup in my publishing page (I created a new destination for DH and then deleted the old one that pointed to the internal server).

Lastly, I’ve looked through every line of the plist file. I found one reference in it that pointed to the internal server, but I deleted it.

Any suggestions on why the site files continue to search for the old Windows box?



Update: I gave up trying to figure out why it keeps looking for the decommissioned server. I created a brand new project, copied the pages over, and then renamed all of them. The new file does not look for the unavailable server.

wondering if a save-as would have worked

Inside the project file, references to old resources are still kept, even if they aren’t used any more.

You are able to to view these references in the info.plist file inside the RW project file (which is a directory), if I recall correctly.

Thanks, guys. A save-as did not work.

Seems crazy that references to old servers are kept, but I guess there’s a reason. I actually looked through the info.plist file and found a reference (which I deleted). Maybe there were more I didn’t find.



Maybe in one of the many Contents.plist files.

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