RW Projects On OneDrive: Broken links to resources

I don’t use resources much, but I have to for favicons and most navigation stacks logos.

Storing the projects on OneDrive (Microsoft) works fine, except for resources. If I save a project to OneDrive from my laptop and open it on my desktop I get the “missing link in resources” warning.

I relink them, or just add them back, work on project and save, then when I open it again on the laptop the links are broken again and I get the warning and have to relink them.

If I look in Resources the images are there, it’s just the links to the project seem broken.

Anyone else seeing this?

Can’t help with the broken links but you should check out this site for favicons. A lot easier.

Re OneDrive and Dropbox and resources:
You store a file in a folder, usually a folder within a folder within a folder etc and that’s the way you think MacOS sees its file system … it doesn’t.
In MacOS each file has a unique id, it’s location (folder/folder/folder) is irrelevant, you can test this by making an alias to a file on your desktop and then move the original file … the alias will still work even though the file is in a completely different folder location, folders are only there to help us meat sacks have some sort of visual organisation/hierarchy.
Each Mac will create its own unique Id’s for all of its files.
It used to be that RW stored its resources location using the folder/folder path but when it went appstore it changed to using the unique id (probably an Apple requirement)
So …

  • When you create a file on mac1 it gets the unique id of 1234
  • it syncs via OD or DB and lands on mac2
  • mac2 sees the new file and assigns it A NEW UNIQUE ID of 6543 as it’s a new file (to it, mac2)

Hey presto resources are now broken as the imadumass.jpg that had the id of 1234 on mac1 has the id of 6543 on mac2 and RW can no longer find the portrait of Steve that it has stored with the id of 1234 EVEN THOUGH THE MEAT SACK FOLDER PATH IS THE SAME.
Hence the ‘store resources in project’ option they included in recent versions

Thanks Paul.

I kinda maybe sorta slightly a bit already maybe kinda knew some of that, I think. Kinda. Or not.

With resources copied into project, it’s still happening for me. Does this problem effect you?

Looking at the bigger picture, I wonder if Apple are hobbling other cloud services to push people to iCloud? I looked at the prices last. It’s cheap.

It shouldn’t happen with resources in a proj as they are no longer independent files (like a zip file) so I’ve no idea on that front.

I’ve barely done any web stuff since I started my new job, I’ve been there 7 months and I’m on project 47! I have neither energy nor creativity left over at the end of the day :)

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Are you enjoying it though? The new job.

Loving it, spend my days knocking stuff like this out:

Good to hear.

And we both know that’s just a photo you took with a high-res camera on that sunny day we had last year, stop trying to blag it ;-)

Couple more of ‘my photos’ because my ego requires me to post them :)