RW publishing problems

I’m currently using RW Version 8.9.3 (20888) and keep getting weird errors on the pages I have published. The page in question previews perfectly but as soon as it is published the page is completely messed up. I have attached 2 screen shots - one showing the web page and the other showing the preview.
Anyone any idea whats going on?

Would guess CSS issue.

Have you tried exporting the site then uploading via another program?

Do you mean via a different ftp program?

For some reason despite RW publishing being set to
as you can see in the screen shot below the address being published is: which was the sub domain address I had been using for development.

Hey @Pixelart,

You should do a full re-publish. Do this by opening the project file in RapidWeaver, then click File >Re-Publish All Files.


Also make sure you’ve got the correct website address entered in both the Settings >> General >> Website Address field, as well as in your Publishing Settings >> Web Address field.

Sometimes those two addresses get mismatched, especially if you were building on a dev/staging URL first.

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Thanks everyone for your help and input. I have now got it working.