Rw4all in RSS reader

Hi, everybody, I attempted to add this forum to my RSS reader (which is News Explorer). This is the address that appears in New Subscription dialog for a fraction of a second:

and then it automatically changes to:

However, the dialog informs me that this is an invalid feed address. Any advice, please?

I think it’s this one or or maybe both.

Thanks, Neil,

I tried them both, but still no luck…


They come back invalid for me too. I just tried them in Feedkit. Sorry, I should have checked them before posting,

You’re right, it should be both of those. Not sure why it isn’t working but I’m looking into it.

It looks like these URLs require a login in user. Getting a redirect to

@Neil @fapkogi RSS feeds should be working now.


Thanks, Marten. Indeed, it works now…

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Wahoo! 😃

That’s awesome!