RW9 unable to open RW8 project?

“This document was saved with an older version of RapidWeaver and cannot be opened.”

This message comes up when I try to run RW9 with my project from RW8.

Is this legit? Am I supposed to convert project to 9 or something? Is there an app for that? Start over my 2 year long project? Lol?

Do you remember with which exact version you have the last time saved your project?

What is the project file name .rw or .rw8?

Yea I use Version 8.9.3 (20888) usually. But found a copy of Version 9 (21040b) online and wanted to try it. Project name doesn’t have a stuffix on it but Finder says: RWDcoumentTypeRW8Document. Is there a way to convert it to version 9? 9 is M1 optimized?

You say you found a copy of RW Version 9 online, was that on the Realmac website? If it wasn’t then I’d be cautious.

Your RW project file should have a suffix, .rw .rw6, rw8 .rwc etc

When I look at my project files, going way back to RW2 I think, they all have a suffix but maybe you have Finder set to not show the suffix? If you set that to On in Finder settings, that might help you.

Depending on how old your project file is, there is a good chance that RW9 will not open it. As each new version of RW was released, it did automatically create a copy of the project file that would open with the new version. If you have skipped a few versions, then this might be your problem i.e. you won’t be able to directly open a RW6 project file with RW 8 or 9. Being able to see the suffix on your project file will give you a clue as to what is possible.

ok yea it’s .RW8

So what do I do just start my website project over? Hope I can at least copy old pages over…

Yea RW9 is also saying stacks is not installed… but when I reveal in Finder the place addons is set to be its the same directory… I double clicked the old stacks plugin and re-installed it. Still get the message stacks isn’t installed.

Maybe this copy of RW9 is no good…

Sounds like it’s a broken file. Did you get it from the… errrr… swashbuckling side of the web perhaps? Be mindful that it doesn’t come with the newly discovered macOS version of LockBit…

Why not download the official one from Realmac’s webpage? Yes it’s function limited until you buy it, as in you can only have three pages in a project, but it will give you a good idea of what RW9 is.


If you’ve already got RW8, there really isn’t much point in upgrading to RW9. There are only minor improvements.

Yes I did. Cuz I won’t “subscribe” to software.
I don’t read source code. And my computer has no income.

oh i didn’t know they had a demo… but anyway, i don’t pay multiple times for the same thing.
But Now I see version 8 is compatible with m1 already so yea no reason for 9 anyway.

But I’m surprised they have this issue with older version projects also. Hard sell there.

It should ask you for creating a copy of the project.

Oh, I guess it’s not a fully working copy…

Try with the demo.

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When I saw the post on my email thread, I was rather surprised that anyone on this forum would even be downloading a version of RW beyond 8.x. Did they ever restore stacks compatibility or was it a hack? It’s been a long time…

Like many I suspect, I’m anticipating arrival of the Stacks app with some excitement for any future projects :)

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Realmac updated RapidWeaver Classic to version 9 not too long ago. Not to be confused with the upcoming RapidWeaver Elements, which was previously referred to as “V9”.

RW Classic (including V9) has no compatibility issues with Stacks.


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If you read back through this thread, I think you will come to the conclusion that this is a hacked copy of RW downloaded from somewhere on the web but certainly not from the Realmac site.