RWC is now a pure subscription model. Yes, it changed!

I’ve tried to support the initially announced payment model adopted for RWC: Buy a year licence, get all the updates and use as you like. After the first year, either pay again and get more updates, or don’t, but still use it.

I’ve defended this position in countless posts on countless social media platforms. I’ve even got into a heated discussion or two over it, as many people seemed unable to understand that RWC WASN’T a pure subscription model.

Only it turns out it is.

Maybe I missed the announcement, but it seems at some point in the last few weeks, RWC has changed from the initially touted at launch pricing model (described above) to a pure subscription system: ie. stop paying, stop using.

I now need to head off to some social media platforms and apologise to some for telling some people they do not understand the pricing structure, when it turns out the one with the wrong info was me.

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This is a complete u-turn, especially after all the insistence from RM that RWC wasn’t ‘subscription’.

I’m speechless.

@TemplateRepo Seems like your original post at the other forum was (1) stopped from others making additional comments and (2) now seems to be completely deleted. Not a good sign at all.

… and now I apologize. Looks like you can make comments again (which also means it wasn’t deleted, just a bit harder to find now)

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So I wonder what happens and the end of the year if you cancel your subscription? Does RW Classic stop working?

And here we see the subscription model. I’m sure that the ‘Single user’ licence previously allowed you to install RW on more than one Mac?

‘Billed Annually’

If anyone is in need, or knows someone who is, a full license for RapidWeaver 8 is still available through the Mac App Store.


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The FAQ is updated, I think, and now says it is subscription based and now says all new purchases after the 22nd of July are subscriptions.

Quite the moving target.

So when will Stacks5 be released? Was RWC released to delay the release of Stacks5?

Oh my good god. The Rapidweaver/Realmac thing has become a massive nightmare, it’s like dealing with a drama queen or a toddler, if it wasn’t for Stacks I would have sacked it off a few months ago. Constantly being told RWC isn’t a subscription model, then when anybody questioned that it appears to be a subscription model being told in a condescending manner it isn’t by Realmac “You are wrong, buy once keep forever, renew for updates etc”. Now out of the blue it is subscription!!???

To be fair £99 per year is a lot of money (to use on two macs as it always has been), it’s really not worth it, at £297 for three years, there are alternative options, this is now making the base product a premium product, but on its own without Stacks it isn’t very premium, obviously the premium aspect of Stacks has to then be factored in with the price. The mighty Photoshop is £120 a year, but even then after almost two decades with Photoshop I jumped ship to Affinity. RWC base product is not on a par with the range of features of Photoshop. Just seems to me that because I’ve got sites built with the Rapidweaver system I am now being held to ransom by the base product. I really have to source a different mode of working and phase out or transfer sites from Rapidweaver, I just have to think realistically of what other problems are going to occur down the road. I find it fearful that this Rapidweaver system is so unreliable or unpredictable as to what will happen next.

I would have thought as a regular customer, paying about £40 for RWC when you feel the need to upgrade would be about right. I’m only using the interface, FTP and facility for plugin architecture, that has already been made and paid for, when tweaks and compatibility updates are the driving force then Realmac can get multiples of £40 for their work with these aspects and let Stacks drive new customers in and keep existing customers. I would have thought that would be a good deal and a good guaranteed income.

I would post this on the Rapidweaver Community forum, but again there you get your posts deleted. Is Realmac so determined to lose customers, I really don’t get it. Plus with software I can’t constantly be pulled in to Realmac’s own falling out, erratic changes to policies, online propaganda and censorship. It is very much communist state style of editorial when questioning anything. That doesn’t fit the party line, delete it, rewrite history, push out a message and then change it again with no reference to the previous.

In summary, I just find the whole Realmac carry on weird and not something I can have faith in from a business perspective.

Sorry for the long post, just needed to vent, I find this whole Realmac carry on something I regret being pulled in to simply because I use it. Must be so confusing for new or potential customers.


It is an increasingly odd situation. Why not go the route of Pinegrow, where you can buy forever at a higher price or subscribe annually for less?


You’ve got to be kidding !!
The whole community is mostly mom & pop that are very price conscious - if you have new features that warrant paying for NEW features in a yearly subscription then fine, but this is just another bad decision brought on by a series of bad decisions - In my opinion anyway.



Is YourHead still putting out a product at some point to use with Stacks?

I’m fine with the old version of RW for quite a while, I think.

Thread on the community site is no longer easily findable and closed to comments.

All very odd.

From Isaiah:

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That’s a whole lot of inflation!

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What a shitshow


Thanks. That was almost six months ago, but hopefully things are still chugging (crawling) along.

Yes, just wanted to put it out there in case folks hadn’t seen it. Isaiah has posted some updates about too. What's New About The Stacks 5 App? - #6 by isaiah

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RWC went from being a product without a compelling reason to upgrade, to being a product with a compelling reason not to. Glad I didn’t! BTW does anyone know how to turn off the annoying upgrade notices in RW8? Low-level hacks accepted.