RWML Menu use with a submenu

I am glad for all the RWML stacks to support building a multilingual website, but I ran into a problem when using the ‘RWML Menu’ stack with a submenu. The language translations for all menu & submenu items worked flawlessly, but I couldn’t get to translate the menu entry containing the submenu.

Since the menu entry ‘Interests’ with the submenu should not link to a page, the title of the stacks page is entered as


which provides the menu entry without an associated link. However the ‘RWML Menu’ doesn’t seem to be able to detect this page title / menu entry, thus cannot perform a translation. I tried to enter the page title with and without the tag, but to no avail.


Is there a way to translate menu items which are not associated with a page link but ‘only’ a submenu ? Thanks for your help.

I searched a bit more about how one can create those menu entries w/o associated link. One reference mentioned an ‘off-site’ page with a link set to #. This kind of works, but it actually seems to reload the current page - not quite the same as doing nothing.

Alternatively, I then used the following page title (= menu entry):

a href=“JavaScript:void(0)”>Interests</a

This works as wished for: no action upon click, but RWML Menu can perform the translation ;) (missing the opening/closing brackets on purpose, otherwise it becomes a real link - forgot how to enter code w/o being interpreted)

Not sure, where I picked up the trick, and which solution to create menu entries w/o link is the ‘right’ one, if there is a ground truth, I am happy to learn … for the time being, above ‘trick’ solved at least my problem