RWML Replace Stack

Hi there,

anybody out there who can help me to change the Browser Title?
I tried it with the Replace Stack and #title in the settings as well as .title

The RWML Replace stack can only be used to replace text strings within the main body area of your webpage. i.e. between…




If you are wanting to change content elsewhere (like your browser <title> tags), you will need to use the RWML Meta stack instead.

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Hi Will,

Perfect thank you very much.
I did watch the whole video, but I didn’t realise how to make this. I saw it, but…

Thanks again.


one more thing.

now it’s within the main body area - I think
I looked at it with the Codafy-Stack as wel as … inspect element.
I found the same class id but it does not work with the Tab-Stack by Foundry


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Thats it.! I’ll keep that in mind - Thank you Will, appreciate your help