RWSkinz and tablet portrait mode menus not visible

I built a site using RWSkinz and have a menu set and find the menu is not appearing in tablet size devices in portrait mode. Any help would be appreciated! The site is mirrored at while I build.



Scroll down in the Theme Miscellaneous and change the breakpoint … standard is set to 568.

but… I’m also learning RWSkinz… so don’t take my suggestion the best one. :)

Will give that a go.

I can get the mobile menu to show up for all by checking off “Desktops & Tablets use mobile menu”. Is there any way to force tablets only and not the desktops?

Hi Mike,

if you want the menu show on tablet, you need to change just the breakpoint, from 568 to 1024 or 834.
leave empty the box for Desktops & Tablets use mobile menu