Safari Extention To View Image Properties?

In Chrome there is a handy extention that adds a “View Image Properties” option to the right click menu when used on an image. It opens a window and displays all the info you need for the image.

I’ve been looking for an hour and can’t find anything similar for Safari.

Anyone know if such a thing exists?

In Safari, right-click and “inspect element” to bring up web inspector. Hit the Sources tab and navigate to the image(s) you want to inspect. You can also drag and drop them to your Mac if that’s your thing :-)

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Thanks Geoff, but that is a total flaff of a process. I was hoping there was an extention, to just right click and click “see properties”, or summit, as there is on Chrome. But so far it seems not. Which is odd.

I use PixelSnap.

It is in SetApp too.

That is a handy tool, I had something similar in Chrome, but it’s not what I’m after.

I want to be able to right-click on an image, and then have the option to see all the properties. ie. it’s full URL, displayed size in pixels, original size in pixels, and image weight in kb’s.

I’m really surprised nothing like this exists for Safari.

Chrome Dev Inspector will give you this information -

It will, but it’s a total bollox of a way to get such basic info.

Don’t do it that way.

Use a single right click of a mouse using a finger instead.

LOL. So that’s where I’ve been going wrong!

But seriously, you gotta right-click, Inspect, find the image URL in the code, click it, inspect the info. That’s nuts. On this Chrome has it right. On everything else, it’s wrong, but on this, it’s right :-)

Use Brave Browser instead. It’s also based on Chromium without the security and privacy issues of Chrome.

You’re able to use the same extensions in that browser.

But then that means switching browsers (I’m using Safari now) just to check an image. Not a solution IMO.

I do have Brave, but for reasons I can’t recall, I don’t like it.

No. Right click on the image, Inspect and hover over the highlighted image URL.

Sounds simple, often isn’t though.

Right-click on the first image on the BBC News homepage, this is what you get…

One of my sites, still only give me part of the info I want.

Compare that with the info you get using the Image Properties extension for Chrome with a right-click and select “Image Properties”…


I hate Queen.

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In the BBC site example, you are not right clicking on an image.

In the Bolloxrental site I get:

Showing you are using an image that is too big for the screen size.

You must right click on the image of interest, select Inspector and then hover (huver) over the highlighted image URL.

And you were almost posting without being a smartarse!

I’m wondering if you have some other service turned on or plugged in, as I don’t get that view when I inspect the image.

Chrome Version 102.0.5005.115 and no other plugins or services.

I find that Safari is the worst for debugging and tend to switch to Chrome or Firefox for the deep poking about.

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FFS! This whole thread is about using Safari, NOT Chrome.