Saving or updating suddenly stops working

A web project can suddenly no longer be uploaded, updated, i.e. saved on the web.
Save or ritualize everything starts normally, but ends the process without an error message at the end. The blue ticks on the right in the page overview remain and nothing has been saved or updated online.

Now I’ve noticed that on all pages in edit mode, a small “x” appears on the right.

Where is the problem and how can I fix it?
Ich habe alle Aktualisierungen und updates auf dem neuesten Stand und nutze RW Version 8.9.4 (20901)

Hej Have you tried to export the site to a folder? The small x is really strange. Is it a stacks page? Is it a theme page or a “Framework” page, i.e. Source, Foundation etc?

I was able to remove the x by deleting the image from the database of easy cms.
But unfortunately I can’t publish and save the pages yet.

Aber können Sie in einen Ordner auf Ihrem Computer exportieren?