SCA, Stripe and checkout. (And all the other RW focused ecommerce solutions)

EDIT: Update about the PHP Jabber scripts.

I’ve had a message from PHP Jabber. It seems in testing they have discovered that all existing PHPJabber scripts that use Stripe for NOT ready for SCA. They have to make changes, paid for changes in many instances.

The info below is now incorrect.

I’m starting a new thread on this, opposed to posting in the existing ones so that as many people affected might see it.

I have had an update on the SCA thing from the main dev I use for most of my services that require a checkout.

They have come back to say that they integrate Stripe Checkout into all their products, so everything is handled by Stripe. As I suspect and commented recently on another thread, the give-away that this was the case is that when a user hits checkout, the Stripe checkout pop-up box appears, as opposed to things being handed “within” the page.

This means you are pulling in everything from Stripe, and Stripe has updated it all, so the bottom line is there is nothing we need to do. Phew!

The dev in question here is PHPJabber. So, if you use their products, and use Stripe for payments, you should be good, they have confirmed this is the case across all their scripts. However, I think that no matter who the dev is, if their app/stack/script uses Stripe Checkout (the pop-up box) then it should too be fine.

As well as PHPJabber scripts I use Yuzools Cart2 stack, which seems to use the same method for checkout: Stripe Checkout, so I think that stack is OK. Although, it would be nice to have that confirmed by the @yuzoolthemes man himself?

Rob at Rapidcart pro has said it is good to go, so I think that covers the main stacks, services and plugins. I don’t use Cartloom, or any of those types of services, so I’ve no idea. Perhaps someone else can look into that one and post here, so it’s all in the one thread?

I am awaiting to get confirmation back from Stripe on this (I have asked), but PHPJabbers are normally on the money, and I had read similar (about Stripe Checkout doing all the work) so I’d say on the one, we’re good.

If I hear back anything different I’ll update this thread.

If others can gather info from the other RW-centric ecommerce devs and post it here, that would be helpful to all I suspect.

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Paddle which the free PaddleBoard stack uses for digital download purchases is SCA ready.


Cartloom will offer SCA via Stripe before the Sept 14 deadline 👍

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Michael has indicated elsewhere that he’s on it and if any changes need to be made they will be.

With a month to go, I tried to contact him, the only support contact system on his site now appears to be a forum powered by Disqus. Last week I asked if Cart2 was SCA ready, checking today I can no longer see my question.

Make of that what you will.

EDIT: My question is still there, when I checked earlier it wasn’t sorting “Most Recent”. No answer as yet though.

there’s a post on RW forums where he says “So far this seems more to do with subscription payments but the Stack will be continue to be updated should any issues arise”.

I have asked for clarification because I’m not keen on the ‘if issues arise’ approach where clients will be rightly jumping up and down regarding lost sales!

I suspect things will be fine but we all need some certainty. What doesn’t help is that Stripe’s own solutions are ‘still under development’ according to their website FAQs

I’ve had a message from PHP Jabber. It seems in testing they have discovered that all existing PHPJabber scripts that use Stripe for NOT ready for SCA. They have to make changes, paid for changes in many instances.

It would be good to get some feedback from Michael at Yuzool one way or the other.

If we know his Checkout Stack and his Stripe Stack won’t be SCA updated then at least we can make plans accordingly. But a vague “if an update is required then…” doesn’t actually help if online sales stop on 14/9

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absolutely but he seems to have gone quiet. What would you use instead?

I would suggest at this point the sensible thing to do is assume they won’t work, and plan accordingly.

I’m dropping all my RW ecommerce stacks, as info from most of the devs involved is patchy at best, or non-existent in most cases.

It’s fair to say that the devs I use for ecommerce solutions outside of RW have been slow to respond, but they are all now on the case with either new solutions out in the marketplace, or firm commitments that fixes will soon be available. None thus far have said “if our product doesn’t work, we’ll fix it”, cus they seem to understand that that’s not acceptable.

Perhaps it’s the hobbyist nature of some devs in the RW world, or a lack of understanding as to how the end user relies on their products, but barring one of two RW devs, most have gone to ground on the whole SCA thing.

Mr. Cartloom above is one of the few who seems to be on top of things, so I’d say for anyone who must keep their ecommerce solutions inside RW, he’s your man.

EDIT: I just found the support email address for Yuzool so sent an email, but got an auto-reply saying support emails are no longer monitored and the only way to now get support is via the Disqus forum on the Yuzool site. I posted up 4 days ago but no reply yet. I noticed that there are questions from 11 days ago awaiting a reply. I’m going to take from this that it’s time to move on from Michaels stacks.

Frustrating but I tend to agree. I have some clients for whom purchasing is part of a booking and therefore more information is needed. I’m switching all of these to MachForms who have been SCA compliant for a while now. Not sure what to use for the single product type sales however. Cartloom is for full on e-commerce but pricey for the small shop.

Guys I started this discussion way back in March on various forums and was met with a lot of negativity. I’ve found a bit of good news today as according to this blog you have a grace period of March 2021 although I’m trying to find if this is correct.

Cartloom is the one I use but they have only mentioned Stripe payments above. As I’ve said before PayPal is, but PayPal Pro is not in Cartloom. (At present).
Michael has said in previous posts that he’s working on compliance but as no mention yet as to whether he’s got there yet.
So no need to panic just yet! But I’ll try to confirm extended date but if anyone beats me then please do.
If you have shown that you’ve tried and it’s the developer holding you up you should be OK with this extension.
Found it made 13/8/2019
So relax everyone!😂😂😂

Typical. And as predicted ;-)

Wouldn’t mind but I spent several hundreds of pounds yesterday getting one of my scripts updated!

@steveb oh no! At least you can say you’re ready before everyone else I suppose but it’s not good you’ve had to do that!
I suppose the developers on here will be happy as there’s not been a lot of movement from most!
Take care.

Hi Paul,
That’s some good news…hopefully it proves to be correct we’ve got a few years grace period. Please let us know if you find more info on this.

Still got my fingers crossed that Yuzool responds and let’s us know what he is planning.

Good luck all.

I know, a total bitch! I’ve emailed them asking to cancel the work, and for me to sue the money on other products. No point getting it done now as there will be new versions out in the next 18 months which I’ll upgrade too, and have to pay to get customised, so it really will be money down the drain.

@scottf the second link is to FCA they announced it yesterday and is official click second link for all details.

Oh, hang on a minute. I think the roll-out is only delayed in the UK? There doesn’t seem to be any word as to how (if at all) the position of other EU customers with other EU based banks will be affected.

SCA is as I understand it the duty of the processing bank, which might not be in the UK, so… While UK banks (where the payment is processed in the UK) might now have a delay, I’m not entirely sure the impact of other EU banks, where the processing is done outside the UK?

As ever, as mess.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

As I typed that a reply arrived from Stripe saying they are still preparing for and at the moment plan to enforce SCA from Sept 14th.

Trying to get my head around this, but I think, think, that regardless of the UK authority SCA is still going to happen, unless the card used is from a UK bank, the gateway is UK based and the final destination for the funds is a Uk bank. Otherwise, i think, SCA will still apply.

EDIT: Screw it: For me, I’m not taking the risk that this delays is going to go tits up. With the mood music between the UK and the EU not good at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few spanners thrown into the mix, thus making the delay pointless. I’ve told the dev to crack on with customisation to my scripts. And for now I’d recommended everyone to carry on as if SCA is being rolled out in the Uk as planned. I’d say it’s very possible that if you don’y, you or your clients won’t be able to process payments to or from EU banks after 14th.

@steveb in the FCA link there is this para

“The FCA has today agreed an 18-month plan to implement SCA with the e-commerce industry of card issuers, payments firm and online retailers. The plan reflects the recent opinion of the European Banking Authority (EBA) which set out that more time was needed to implement SCA given the complexity of the requirements, a lack of preparedness and the potential for a significant impact on consumers.”

So still confusing but it seems Europe is extending too.
You bring up a good point so I’ll ring FCA tomorrow and ask.

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